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Traditional To Digital

Full technology integration delivered with industry expertise

Overcome Roadblocks

Organizations struggle with customer satisfaction, rising costs and risks.

Partnering with Stefanini to digitally transform your organization helps you innovate and produce faster by moving away from traditional thinking toward a collaborative, experimental approach.

These new ways of approaching work reveal new insights and solutions to improve customer experience, drive employee innovation and spur company growth at a fundamental level.

Transformation Capabilities

ITSM & IT Strategy

With an experienced and innovative ITSM practice leadership team, Stefanini delivers value-driven IT strategy and ITSM consulting, enabling digital transformation efforts.

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Digital Business Outsourcing

Transforming your business processes to align with operational strategy and areas of importance is an integral part in Stefanini’s DNA.

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Transition & Transformation

Guiding you through digital transformation, we provide a seamless transition for your business, minimizing business disruption, and cost optimizations.

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Digital Talent

We connect diverse digital talent to our co-creation partners. Our flexible engagement models bring digital solutions and expertise in a scalable, flexible way. 

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Traditional To Digital Success Stories

Banco Original: Digital Revolution For 400,000 Customers

A new bank, 100% digital. Opening a new business in an industry packed with legacy players like banking is a huge challenge. Opening a new bank with a 100 percent digital model is an even bigger challenge. After working with Stefanini, Banco Original fully achieved a successful digital transformation.

Our Solution Advantage

Our transformation services begin the moment we partner with you, ensuring that we understand your service experience objectives and create a custom transformation roadmap. We work to achieve SLA and service stability as soon as possible with consistent quality and performance.

We constantly co-innovate with our clients and industry leaders through our “Enlighten, Empower and Enhance” transformation methodology which focuses on the end-user experience and creates a seamless transition. With open and regular communication, we design plans for staffing, training, and testing, ensuring all of those elements are integrated for a successful transition.

Explore Our Solutions Portfolio

Next Gen Application Services

Our application services will support you throughout the application lifecycle from development and implementation to management and upgrades.

Digital Transformation

Working across multiple industries, we offer a range of digital solutions and services to build both a roadmap for transformation as well as the technology to truly go digital at all levels across your organization.

Artificial Intelligence

Our ecosystem of tools and global team of experts can help you design, plan and build your AI experience while reducing costs and breaking down barriers to AI adoption.

Digital Workplace & Infrastructure

From employee to enterprise, our solutions help you design a digital workplace experience that enables a flexible workforce and prepares an adaptable infrastructure.

Cloud Enablement

Design and implement a cloud strategy that defines the functionality of the cloud, architecture, development process, and governance models across your organization.


Our offensive and defensive cybersecurity solutions serve to improve your security posture and protect your data against an expanding attack surface.

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