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Industry 4.0 is a broad term and encompasses the various transformations in today's industrial landscape. It does not refer to any specific technology but includes cyber-physical systems, the Internet of Things, predictive analytics, automation, and more.

It starts with tracking your assets efficiently. We have multiple tracking methods, including Work in Process (WIP), passive item identification with barcodes/QR codes, and electronic identification like RFID or Bluetooth, which is detected by specific readers. We also offer real-time tracking, where individual items receive a tag for detection anytime and anywhere by satellites.

The biggest differentiator in Industry 4.0 is how we integrate IoT technologies, software, and analytics and relate them in unprecedented ways. One system can communicate transparently with another, offering new information and insights for better decision support.

With decades of technological and domain experience, we transform your enterprise with unparalleled integration, digital expertise, and a big-picture vision. You need to know how to use asset tracking and their data efficiently. Those sensors feed data analytics and IoT platforms, which we then connect with applications and process systems for full end-to-end enterprise intelligence.

At Stefanini, we integrate the data from IoT-connected devices with automation and artificial intelligence to transform the way we work. This new face of manufacturing allows you to meet the customized demands of your customer. Our automation and A.I. solutions support scalable personalized production.

We offer customized and seamless integration of Operational Technology (O.T.) and Informational Technology (I.T.) services providing your business with a comprehensive industrial automation solution.

Optimize production, reduce costs, and increase throughput for a brighter, more agile tomorrow.

Intelligent Automation

With our experience in technological services, we will streamline and automate processes like inventory and supply chain management for cost savings.

Data Analytics

With clean, organized data, you'll be able to make better decisions. Our services are designed to provide you actionable insights.

Innovation Center

See our technology capabilities in action at our global innovation centers. Experiences include an Automated Warehouse, AR/VR, Cognitive Interaction, and more.
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Digital Innovation Through Proven Methodology

Our four-pillar portfolio ensures end-to-end service for desired business outcomes.

Planning: Every project is designed with a business-first approach. We define the project pipeline with our robust methodology. It incorporates multidisciplinary competencies aimed to achieve specific objectives.

Executing: We are much more than consulting. We have the service experience and technology ecosystem to implement and complete the project. Following the agreed-upon schedule, you'll experience a seamless transition towards innovation.

Sustaining: Once launched, we continue to analyze our solutions to maintain your operations. Simultaneously, we use agile frameworks to improve continuously. As a partner, we're invested in your success, elevating your business to achieve higher performance and reliability.

Innovating: Our dedication to long-term partnerships proves Stefanini's commitment to supporting your business every step of the way. It ensures your digital transformation continues to perform, evolve, and deliver long after the initial implementation of our technologies.


Industry 4.0

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