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Acting As A Transformation Agent

Digital tools have changed how the manufacturing sector operates, disrupting every element including business processes, models, and customer interactions.

The Industrial sector is now racing to adopt new digital tools. Knowing which tools to use, how to implement, and what technologies to invest in is pivotal for success.

Our Smart Manufacturing Digital Transformation solutions offer you both a roadmap for transformation as well as the technology to truly ‘go digital.’ We assess your current circumstance and help you take the right steps to enjoy the benefits of digitization.

The Right Approach To Data To Deliver Tangible Results And Predictive Modeling.

Digital Transformation Assessment

Our experts assess your plant’s current digital maturity level before taking Digital Transformation actions.

Digital Roadmap Creation

Organize Digital Transformation goals and objectives to establish, guide and monitor progression efforts.

Strategy & Prioritization:

A consultative package that helps customers strategically prioritize efforts amidst simultaneous changes in process, technology, and culture.


Integrate the latest technologies into every step of your organization’s functions.

From internal operations to consumer interactions, let us enable your transformation.

  • Improved Production Capabilities: Streamline process, maximize operational equipment performance, and enable greater efficiency and productivity.
  • Higher Quality Products: Digital Transformation enables flexibility across production efforts, allowing you to maintain or shift manufacturing functions while ensuring digital tools detect flaws and ensure quality at every stage.
  • Reduced Operational Costs:  We enable faster value realization by using data analytics and insights to eliminate waste across industrial processes.
  • Real-Time Data Analytics: Robust networks of IoT sensors provide a real-time view of manufacturing processes, enabling predictive maintenance and forecasting through Machine Learning.

Learn More About How We Can Make Your Business Grow

Reimagine your products and services. Stefanini’s powerful digital capabilities with deep engineering and industry expertise. Working across multiple industries, we offer a range of solutions and services for digitizing business at all levels.

Our teams have expertise in design, engineering, manufacturing,  finance, technology, consulting and operations.

Application Services

Our services include ITSM and IT strategy, cloud-based consulting, business process support, as well as transitional and transformational strategy.


With our digital strategy, we provide sweeping coverage and support for all of your digital challenges, ensuring you stay ahead of the game, all the time.

Artificial Intelligence

Unlock the current state of AI and take full advantage of its capabilities with SAI – Stefanini Artificial Intelligence.


Increase ROI and end-user productivity with made-to-order digital workplace services from Stefanini.


Our services include ITSM and IT strategy, cloud-based consulting, business process support, as well as transitional and transformational strategy.

Automation Everywhere

Stefanini’s solutions help enterprises around the world improve collaboration and increase efficiency. Learn about our technology enabling products here.

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