Digital Software Factory

Our approach

The production time offer from our software factory will help your company to develop new software quickly, easily, and frequently, in a flexible and scalable model.

This involves us providing predefined capacity from our existing digital software factory, in a way that is tailored to you and is built on our efficient and scalable model, with a clear separation of data, IP and full confidentiality.

We have refined our experience in delivering software services for more than three decades and added our proprietary DevSecOps and Design Thinking approaches to allow you to deliver multiple updates and releases that can be pushed daily to fix bugs, strengthen code, introduce new features, and handle unpredictable scaling.

Our proposal is built on three layers:

Delivery layer

This is the foundation of the Digital Software Model, providing a solid development capacity that can be scaled up or down and covering the mainstream technologies. This development layer comes with clear and proven processes, and a repository of reusable artefacts – enabling highly effective delivery. The main characteristics of this engagement model include:

  • High throughput
  • Full automation
  • Resource efficiency
  • Consistent quality

Optionally, to help you interact with the software factory model and maximize the benefits, we provide two additional layers of services.

Technical design layer

Composed of solution architects and system architects, this layer translates the functional requirements into technical specifications and ensures the solution adheres to the overall architecture and strategy of the products built. This involves working closely with the development teams to supervise and prioritize the activities.

Business support layer

Composed mainly of business analysts, UX/UI specialists and industry SMEs, this layer will gather the full requirements from the business, and will also be involved during the run of the UAT to ensure and validate the delivery has been executed in accordance with the specifications. This layer can also include additional roles depending on the scale of the engagement, including product owners and growth hackers.


Our ecosystem


Our digital software factory is a delivery ecosystem, focused on maximizing value delivery in a sustainable way. Teams come together around a shared goal and apply a Lean-Agile flow-based delivery model.

Our software factory services can be adjusted based on different factors, such as customer needs and business alignment. However, given that a modular structure has been proven to help in any kind of organizational framework, our team is organized in multiple scrum teams (squads) working in tandem while having important roles and functions divided between them.

Our model is built to integrate efficient delivery with business strategy, innovation, portfolio management, technical excellence, and automation to ensure your software is modern, efficient and fits with current market expectations.

As can be seen in the image above, multiple agile teams (squads) will work independently and efficiently using the most suitable agile methodology for their tasks and converge at project or program level depending on the complexity of the operations in scope.

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