Analytics & Big Data

Optimizing Your Data to Drive Your Business

With an influx of data in the digital era, your company needs a way to compile, analyze, and leverage it to help your business. Properly analyzing large amounts of data can help you understand trends and identify opportunities for your business. But all that data can be overwhelming if you don't know how to analyze it. That's where Stefanini's analytics solution can help.

Our industrial analytics solutions combine our machine learning and predictive modeling expertise, root cause analysis, loss costs predictive modeling, early warning failure modeling, process optimization and an agile analytics lab. We implement an agile, cost-effective approach to complete lifecycle analytical support, so you can use big data findings to help you better understand and cater to your customers.

Predictive modeling solutions with our analytics expertise.

Benefits and Process

Implement business intelligence and governance
Actionable business insight with predictive modeling.
Implement digital enablers to clearly visualize data.

Innovation & Risk Mitigation

In addition to marketing and sales growth, better data management and analysis can reduce risk and increase operational and financial performance. A complete view of your data and comprehension of the results can build a path to new product creation and services innovation.

Customized Delivery

Our analysts work to understand the nuances and history of your unique business, while also producing custom segmentation, actuarial methods, and quantitative methods based on your business knowledge. With Stefanini’s Analytics and Big Data services, we will reveal where your business has been and guide you to where you want to be.

Agile Analytics Lab 

We test new technology, data sources, techniques, and data sets in an environment that is secure, compliant, and scalable. Staffed by tech and analytics experts, our team will discover actionable insights to improve business performance.

Integration with Industry 4.0

We will drive digitalization & vertical integration of the value chain, product & service digitalization, and digital business models with direct integration with the final consumer. Our data and analytics solutions can be implemented with cloud computing, mobile devices, IoT platforms, advanced human-machine interfaces, 3D printing, big data analytics and more.


Analytics & Big Data

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