Agile Development

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Agile Transformation

Driving change through collaboration and design thinking principles.

While adopting agile design principles is essential, the transition is not always easy.

Changing cultural patterns and processes is an inevitable result of a successful agile integration as there is no exact recipe for the ever-changing digital environment that we now witness. We can guide you through the process with agile services and consulting.

We invest high levels of attention to the quality framework and governance surrounding the operational delivery. This approach allows us to reduce the “hidden costs” that can often come from corrective actions and hyper-care if the operational delivery is not driven by a robust and validated engagement framework.

We are flexible & agile and we have the ability to scale our solution based on your business needs.

Stefanini Application Development Centers (ADC) will make sure that your organization can focus on continued development and growth while we deliver the flexible competence you need in the process.

Stefanini EMEA is building nearshore teams from two main locations: Bucharest (Romania) and Chisinau (Moldova). We also have Application Development Centers in Brazil and USA.

Agile Application Development

Agile Transformation is not easy. Today, standard and customized applications are more important than ever no matter the industry.

Are you getting the most out of your applications? When it comes to custom development for applications or maintaining existing ones, the stakes are equally high.

Stefanini’s Agile Application Development know-how from the best crews of IT outsourcing in Romania, Moldova, Brazil and USA is essential for providing solutions to deliver superior support for internal and external end users, throughout your digital journey.

As an agile application development and implementation partner with nearshore, offshore and onshore delivery capabilities, we provide flexible, cost-efficient application services that match your quality, responsiveness and value expectations.

Agile Digital

Digital projects typically require greater collaboration and are subject to tighter delivery timelines.

We develop user personas, journeys and rapid prototypes adhering to Design Thinking principles that allow the working software to be demoted at the end of every two-week sprint.

Then we take it to the streets to conduct testing and validation with actual end users. By the time we hand over the completed project, we can say with absolute confidence that our clients and their customers are going to love it!

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Our partnership will drive optimal application efficiency for your business while supporting your digital transformation from end to end.