SharePoint Intranet Design and Optimization

SharePoint Intranet Portal Design and Optimization

As a leading provider of global technology solutions, Stefanini understands the importance of helping our clients work more smoothly and efficiently. Effective SharePoint Intranet design improves worker productivity and helps to streamline business process efficiency.

Far too frequently, Intranet development efforts are perceived and developed as web sites.  While they are accessed via browsers and are navigated via an aggregation of pages and links, they need to respond to many more requirements and reflect a great deal more sophisticated thought and planning than a simple web site.

Stefanini SharePoint Intranet Information Architecture

Every SharePoint Intranet solution developed by Stefanini employs our Information Architecture methodology. Key considerations addressed in our approach include:

  • Organization and structuring of content
  • Portal design and navigation
  • Branding (look-and-feel) and page design and control
  • Business process requirements and design
  • Content life-cycle Management
  • Design of Search facilities and scopes
  • Governance, Adoption and Training

Why Stefanini?

  • Certified Professionals in the Microsoft platform
  • Over 10 years of experience with SharePoint
  • Our solutions around Microsoft SharePoint are supported by a Stefanini Global Center of Excellence where we focus on innovation and customization to meet the individual needs of our clients.
  • Proven, cost effective nearshore/onshore service delivery model, we eliminate time zone and cultural issues associated with traditional offshore support approaches.