Operational Intelligence (OI) is a form of real-time dynamic, business analytics that delivers visibility and insight into business operations.

Stefanini is launching a new 'best-in-class' Operational Intelligence Solution within the UK market in cooperation with CIC. This will facilitate 'Smart Control and Forecasting' for companies with complex network feeds within the Utilities and Manufacturing sectors.


IDboxRT is an Operational intelligence real-time dynamic solution for the supervision and control of industrial, power and smart processes. The solution is based on business intelligence technology aimed at integrating, processing and analysing big amounts of data in real time and getting valuable and useful information instantly from any place on any device, optimizing control, monitoring and decision-making processes.

Smart Water

Many Water companies have discovered that IDbox has improved their operational efficiency and provided an improved service for their customers. IDbox has provided instant monitoring thus achieving reduced energy consumption, increased the efficiency of incident resolution through the early detection of leaks and integrated alarm notification across their networks. Availability of powerful analytics and the integration into complex and interactive displays provides the business with a powerful toolset to forecast demands and increase efficiency regarding the incident resolution.
Find more information in our water product sheet.

Industry 4.0

Clients have realised significant and progressive improvements over several years of using IDbox in their day-to-day business operations. They have been able to react quicker to demand requests, improved their allocation of resources, make more accurate operational decisions and save energy and other costly resources. The integration of IDbox into the factory environment has allowed forward looking companies to reduce costs and streamline their operations.
Find more information in our Industry 4.0 product sheet.

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