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Everything is defined by digital transformation, so ensuring your business has the necessary technology to adapt and thrive is critically important. Stefanini’s End-User Computing Services are made to target and address the most critical aspects of your business, and we ensure our solutions are molded to your requirements. We strive to reshape your business model to align with a digitally transformed world, and it begins as we initiate and maintain a strong relationship with you to gain insight into your company’s day-to-day processes and experiences. From service desk and field service to asset management and device as a service, we ensure that our IT capabilities enrich and enhance your business, transitioning it for success in an age when new technologies emerge every day. Our next-generation end-user computing support services center on ITIL best practices and ensure consistent results.

The Right Fit

With our all-in-one Visionary Platform, we enable a live look at your business’ digital future through innovative tech tools and solutions like cognitive computing, integrated ops management, workplace collaboration, automated insight and analytics, IT service management, unified communications, process automation, workplace automation, customer experience and Internet of Things—illuminating the path your business can take with insights into your new reality of digital transformation. Through the implementation of our cognitive intelligence platform, Sophie, we can provide automation for various user requests and over 1,000 IT tasks, helping our customers achieve cost and time reductions. Having the expertise to deliver our solutions globally—while also maintaining customer centricity and a strong focus on individualized experiences—is what makes Stefanini the right fit for ensuring your workplace services reach the highest level of performance and efficiency that you expect and deserve.


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