Customers First

For any business to succeed, the most critical element to take into account is customer satisfaction, and understanding customers’ perspectives is essential in accomplishing this. The best way to create new business opportunities is to provide a superior personalized service. Stefanini’s global customer experience program focuses on the interaction between our clients and IT services, as we represent the customer voice at all touch points. With people, processes, and technology as our focal point, we are able to deliver cost savings, process efficiencies, and improved levels of service for your business and customers.

Room for Improvement

We immerse ourselves in your business environment and culture by focusing on the voice of the customer (VoC) and people, processes and technology—becoming a trusted liaison that helps our service delivery teams create an agile, personalized service and our account leadership team identify new business opportunities, potential efficiencies and improved levels of service. Not only does our Customer Experience Advocacy program focus on data retrieved from customer surveys, QAs and call audits, but it also takes a deep dive into the information that may not appear in relation to this type of data—allowing us to understand hidden opportunities for further improvement. Exploring the entire customer journey, from the moment you learn about using our support and understanding channel options to the technical aspects of contacting us, is the ultimate goal of this program. We apply our findings to deliver a unique experience for you and your business, adding to your confidence in our IT.


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