Microsoft Cloud Services

Everyone’s going to the Cloud, and Stefanini can help you thrive there.

Cloud Services

With all the talk of cloud computing today, it can be helpful to take a step back and really understand what the cloud is and why it matters to your business.

At the most basic level, the public cloud is about instantly extending your IT infrastructure. And it can offer small and midsize organizations a lot of great benefits:

  • It means you can be up and running fast. You bring products and services to market faster than the competition, and spend more time innovating and less time managing IT infrastructure.
  • It means you instantly have global scale. So you have everything you need to support your business growth ready to go when you need it. This means you don’t have to worry about running out of capacity for things like file storage or scaling up your applications to support more employees or customers.
  • And it means you can run your operations more cost-effectively. With the cloud, you pay only for what you use, helping you save money as you grow your business. Moving to the cloud also means you don’t have to make capital investments in hardware, freeing up budget to spend on other business needs.
  • The cloud also offers small and midsize organizations enterprise-level security, with the high level of data protection and datacenter security required by the largest organizations.

If you’re not in the cloud yet, the divide continues to grow between you and your competitors… but you’ll find the ideal partner to achieve your cloud projects in Stefanini.

Stefanini Services for Microsoft Cloud

As a Microsoft partner, Stefanini provides a broad range of services across Microsoft’s Cloud platform.  Specific to the SMB market, we provide Standardized Statements of Work including fixed price / fixed scope allowing you to benefit from the MS Cloud environment quickly and cost effectively.  We provide flexible engagement models from project based, managed services delivered on-shore, nearshore or off-shore.

Specific Microsoft Cloud services from Stefanini include: