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Featuring Micro Focus Enterprise Test Server

Every IT project can come with challenges. Mainframe Testing is often one of them. Not only is testing time-consuming, it can be costly. Mainframe tests often use a significant amount of time and resources during both the development and quality assurance phase. Plus, there’s the cost of labor for highly-skilled analysts and end user staff. Another key resource consumed is CPU time. This results in increased MIPS and the costs associated with that increase.

Stefanini can help. We’re experts at recommending smart, budget-friendly initiatives that deliver the IT results you need and expect. Did you know that partially or entirely moving testing to a Microsoft Windows environment can result in a faster test phase and can eliminate the MIPS charges related to the effort? Stefanini has teamed up with Micro Focus to offer a comprehensive testing solution that accomplishes these objectives.

Testing is moved to Micro Focus Enterprise Test Server where COBOL, ASM, JCL, CICS, IMS/TM, IMS/DB, DB2, z/OS file formats, and the most common IBM utilities are supported. The test environment is EBCDIC and even allows communication with mainframe components that are too large to download or contain sensitive data that need to remain in a more secure location.

The many benefits of our zTestingSM include:

  • Faster completion of test cycles with higher quality
  • The ability to scale up test capacity quickly to meet deadlines
  • Solid reduction of mainframe MIPS since testing has been moved off of the  mainframe.

Our Time-Tested Approach Gets Results

Stefanini zAssessmentSM is an interview and technology-based approach to understanding the scope of a project. First, we’ll assess the environment in order to better scope the effort involved in testing the target applications. Using these assessment results, a detailed project plan can be developed which covers all aspects of the testing effort. These results allow us to identify the aspects of the environment that may require special attention during the engagement.

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