Cybersecurity White Paper – Building Resilience In A Disrupted Environment - Stefanini

How to secure business success in the face of more complex and severe risks

There’s no silver bullet when it comes to business resilience. Instead, businesses need to evaluate their security posture across multiple areas of the organization, including people, processes and technologies.

Every organization has different requirements and faces different challenges. What unites businesses is that careful consideration of the right combination of skills, leadership and best practices will be crucial to unlocking the full potential offered by agile, while minimizing security risks.

Creating a culture in which security and agility can coexist means appointing the right business leaders, with the right skills, to the right roles.

This white paper will explore what getting to this point means in practice, outlining what is now required for modern businesses to create a cybersecurity posture that is fit for purpose in today’s environment while winning trust and embracing new technologies.

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