We help organizations reduce product backlog and get to market faster while increasing active user engagement and Rol with cross-functional agile teams.

Solution Squads For Every Scenario

How can you deliver the best results for your business?

The answer lies within cost savings, creating quality products that get to market quickly, enterprise adaptability, and of course, innovation. While many organizations share these goals, at the same time, many are not sure how to attain them. The true answer? Well, it lies within adopting agile methodologies.

Stefanini offers the processes and tools to drive agile in multi-vendor, multidisciplinary settings through a globally distributed model. Our agile teams – called Stefanini Solution Squads – are built with business value in mind, and organized around desired results and value flows. We implement DevOps tools to ensure greater speed of execution in fast-paced agile iterations. Further, our LATAM Digital Hub is the best of both worlds, giving you access to competent nearshore talent and employees certified in SAFe for Lean Enterprises, among other training programs.

All Of Our Solutions Squads Are Custom-made To Fit Your Business' Needs:

Stefanini's LATAM Digital Hub

Achieve cost efficiencies higher than 40% with our LATAM-based pool of specialized tech resources, which support all of North America and Europe.

Nearshoring operations in Latin America offers a plethora of benefits for North America-based organizations. From a cultural and same-time-zone alignment to an agile approach to management, our talented staff is on call and ready to usher you into a new realm of digital transformation.

Our Latin America Digital Hub aims to support our customers in achieving dynamic work that can focus on anticipating problems or scenarios as much as uncertain possibilities abound, regardless of physical barriers.

We have 20 Centers of Excellence in LATAM. Our professionals are trained monthly in SAFe for Lean Enterprises, and earn the Scrum Master Professional Certificate® and the Scrum Product Owner Professional Certificate®. Leverage the power of increased engagement, productivity, and reduced costs. Get agile with our LATAM Digital Hub!

Learn How Stefanini Is Deploying The Right Types Of Agile Teams For Business Value

When adopting an agile methodology, enterprises are often looking for ways to cut costs, bring products to market faster, and of course, innovate. Stefanini’s Agile Solution Squads co-create project team workflows that enable organizations to identify opportunities, propose solutions, and build and test faster with more confidence. Contact us today to learn more about the types of teams we offer and how they can help you reach your business goals.

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