ITIL® / ITSM Service Management Process Outsourcing

ITIL® / ITSM Service Management Process Outsourcing:

A fast, cost-effective solution

ITIL® / ITSM Process Outsourcing

We know that the need for a fast solution frequently outweighs the need to implement internally, and our Service Management Process Outsourcing (SMPO) is the answer.  Stefanini can customize the delivered solution to fit our customer’s need for quick success and an immediate result.

Some engagement types include:

Process Solutions:  Outsourcing your process can be a cost-effective and rapid solution for allowing IT to add value to your business.  These solutions are developed, managed, and owned by Stefanini.  Each process solution is not just an out-of-the-box install, but rather a fit-for-purpose solution that ensures quick implementation and successful integration into your existing environment.

Process Handoff:  This ideal for the customer who needs a “push start.”  Stefanini installs and implements the process as with Process Solutions engagement above, while additionally training the owners in parallel so that a handoff can be performed once the owners have the ability to run the daily activities involved.  Then, Stefanini can maintain the process, through a customized Service Plan to assist in process maturity and revisions.

Among other organizational challenges, our SMPO services can be applied to:

Enterprise Change Management

Here, Process can be either outsourced fully, or as a partial process activity, such as RFC or RISK assessment.

Problem Management

Stefanini can provide Problem Management SMPO as a complete process solution, or as partial process activity such as Root Cause Analysis or Service Improvement.

Service Level Management

Our Service Level Management SMPO solutions include development and management of SLAs, OLA, and Underpinning contracts, and Stefanini has the capability to provide full lifecycle services.

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