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Navigating COVID-19 With Smart And Virtual Trials

COVID-19 is testing the life sciences and healthcare industry, with the pandemic bringing about a paradigm shift in the way clinical trials are conducted. Learn more in our next webinar!

COVID-19 is testing the life sciences and healthcare industry. Sponsors are under pressure to conduct faster clinical trials, work on finding a vaccination or cure for coronavirus, and continue other therapeutic area research as well.

The pandemic has brought a paradigm shift in the way clinical trials are conducted. Fortunately, technology is here to fill the gaps left behind by the pandemic.

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COVID-19 and Pharma

As coronavirus continues to unfold, it is actively disrupting communities, clinicians, patients, the way we work, and how we engage to support stakeholders across the ecosystem. At the front and center, pharma and medtech companies can be found, supplying and rapidly scaling up vitally important medical products to support needy patients while also attracting widespread attention as the industry works to develop new therapeutics and vaccines for COVID-19. These vaccines, diagnostics, and therapies could provide a crucial path to whatever next normal we find on the other side of COVID-19. Simultaneously, what McKinsey calls the product and clinical development “engine” has experienced profound disruption as lab capacity is reduced and colleagues adjust to remote work environments. Clinical trials are also being severely affected, with disruptions in keeping existing patients on therapies and new enrollment.

Today, life sciences encompasses hard scientific development with physical products, including pharmaceuticals, therapeutics, diagnostics, medical devices, and other products that are designed to treat or aid in the treatment of patients. And with COVID-19 in full swing, that has never been a greater need for the industry.

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In our latest webinar, “Navigating COVID-19 with Smart and Virtual Trials,” we’ll explore the following topics:

o   The impact of COVID-19 on Clinical Trials

o   How Sponsors can restart trials on hold with the latest Digital technologies that come with Smart, Virtual Trials

o   The benefits of Smart and Virtual Trials to Patients, Sponsors, Sites and CRO’s

o   How organizations can rethink and redesign future trials for the new normal

Featuring Avik Pal, Founder and CEO of CliniOps, Dr. Suzanna Corritori, President of Corritori Consulting and Nagesh Jadhav, Director Digital Innovation and Transformation, Life Sciences at Stefanini, this webinar is taking place at 10 a.m. EST on September 10th! Don’t miss it – register here:

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