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Steftalks: The War For Talent: Now, COVID-19

Thanks to COVID-19, we are in the midst of a War for Talent.

In a fast-paced world, finding the right person for a job can be time-consuming and inefficient for your business. Unexpected staff shortages can leave you scrambling to find talented professionals, which can halt project momentum. And in a post-COVID world, we will find that staffing needs will change.

So, how do you prepare for the future while facing the current reality? Register for our newest StefTalk to find out!

The War for Talent

Today, you’re trying to fill positions that don’t even exist yet. Through the power of distributed teams, offshoring, interfaces with job boards and more, you’re finding that not only is finding the right staff for your company critical, but the process to find those individuals is drastically changing. It’s true – our expectation for talent has changed; we want it today, we want the best talent out there, and if it’s been rated, even better. Our customers demand that we provide talent as well. Therefore, staffing is no longer a luxury, but a necessity.

And with COVID-19 in full force, it seems a War for Talent is underway. Your organization requires talent, but budgets are cut or on hold until we get through this crisis. So, what do we do?

Leverage Technology for Talent

The power of digital technology is transforming every business, and in turn, every job. Not only are positions integrating new responsibilities, but the digital era has also created new jobs entirely. Indeed, in order to win the battle for talent, your organization is going to want to maximize technology to manage needs and stay connected while everyone is virtual.

Pre-COVID, companies were just starting to warm up to the idea of the virtually-savvy worker. Now, during and post-COVID, it has become a necessity to learn how to best engage with the virtual worker. We’re having to change the way we engage both with workers and with customers, and find a way to package staffers into projects.

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The Webinar

In this unique approach to our usual webinar format, Spencer Gracias, CEO of Stefanini NA/APAC and Stefan Baier, VP Total Talent and Digital Services discussed topics that include the impact COVID-19 is having on the War for Talent, utilizing technology to manage your talent’s needs, positive outcomes post-COVID, and how business leaders can balance empathy with business responsibility. 

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