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Women In Tech: Attending The 5th Year Anniversary

Attending the Tech Women 5th Anniversary in Chisinau was an exceptional experience for many, gathering nearly 300 participants at Tekwill. The evening was dedicated to sharing the story of how the Tech Women community was created, for whom, and the significant programs and events planned for the year.

We were glad to be represented at the event by Ecaterina Artemiev, Tech Women Ambassador for 2023 and Mariana Pogonet, Service Manager for the Application Delivery Center.

We asked them what Women in Tech means for them, read everything below:

What were the events highlights for you?

Ecaterina Artemiev: I met a lot of women that have a big desire to dive into tech world, which is really amazing.

Also, I took a word at open microphone at the end of the event, where I told about my story of coming in IT only with a knowledge of English language and no technical background. So I hope that I’ve inspired girls to try an IT job if they want it and never give up.

What does being a mentor for young women starting in tech mean to you?

Ecaterina Artemiev: Last year, during the Tech Women Summit, I looked at the team behind Tech Women Moldova, admiring what they do for the IT community of our country and realized that I can also be useful and help other girls and women on their way to becoming IT specialists. So I submitted my application and was chosen as the Tech Woman Ambassador 2023. For me it means sharing experience and giving more clarity and knowledge about IT during the career switch or acquiring new job in the IT field.

At the beginning of my career, I didn’t have a mentor, I had to learn everything myself, and the problem was that there is a lot of information and you don’t know where to start or what plan to follow. In this regard mentoring can be a good help and support.

How does Stefanini support the mission of Women in Tech?

Mariana Pogonet: At Stefanini, we have created a culture that encourages diversity and inclusion. We offer equal remuneration, training and development opportunities, through which we encourage women to reach their potential. We are happy to note that 47.1% of the company’s management is represented by women.

Recently we have launched a mentoring platform, which offers the possibility of connecting with experienced colleagues from various divisions, to obtain support, guidance and practical advice. Since the platform appeared, I have also benefited from several sessions, which allowed me to obtain new ideas and perspectives, but also to widen my network, something so important in building a career.

What was your experience in your first role in the IT Field?

Mariana Pogonet: “I applied to Stefanini out of the desire to gain experience in a large company. At first, I was overwhelmed by the new processes I had to familiarize myself with. I was very lucky to get constant support from my direct manager, as well as from the whole team. I was always encouraged to express my opinion, to come up with ideas and solutions, and my manager gave me the autonomy to make decisions, which led me to have more confidence in myself and to assume new responsibilities. At the moment, as a member of the delivery team, I am still eager to learn and I am looking for daily opportunities to help my team and the client.”

Obviously, there is still work to be done before we have full gender parity, but at Stefanini, our innovative ecosystem enables us to adapt new behaviors, integrate them into our culture, and conduct ourselves responsibly.

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