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Why Creatives And Nerds Need Each Other

Once upon a time, creativity used to be the sole factor driving the success of traditional marketing campaigns and other advertising efforts. Today, however, the role of creativity has changed, with turning to other strategies to attract the eyes of their target audience.

Now, most digital marketing efforts are backed by technology and analytics that help marketers understand the needs of prospective customers and how to effectively sell to them.

To do this, your marketing team can no longer rely on the originality of the concepts your creatives are pitching. You also need the assistance of nerds – tech-adept analytical thinkers who can help execute big ideas in ways that will drive more traffic.

Now more than ever, today’s digital marketing firms need to blend more skillsets and experiences to make the biggest splash in an already competitive landscape.

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It Starts With the Creatives

What makes marketing creative? Further, what drives innovation in marketing – creative ideas themselves or something else?

Traditionally, the term “creative” has been linked with the words and images that make up ad campaigns. Copywriters, graphic designers, brand managers, and other roles have all played an important part in bringing a concept from ideation to execution. Today, though, it is clear that all team members need to think creatively to ensure the success of campaigns and other projects.

After all, it’s no surprise that the internet has provided marketers with a huge advantage in terms of connecting brands with their desired prospects. The drawback? It has also launched an intensely competitive landscape that can make it hard to stand out.

Now, with the introduction of digital channels, marketing teams need to add more creativity to both the concepts themselves and the unique and different ways they should present products or services their audiences. They also need to adapt, tweaking marketing materials in response to how well they perform.

At the end of the day, our modern lives are buzzing with all kinds of ads, from billboards to digital ads on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube and ads on search engines like Google. For marketers need to be successful, they need original ideas that allow them to stand out from competitors and connect with prospects on an emotional level. However, creativity isn’t enough when no one is seeing your marketing campaign.

For this approach to work, the role of the creative needs to be integrated with the role of the nerd.

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The Role of the Nerd

While creatives are valued for their ability to produce big ideas, it falls to the nerds to figure out the best ways to execute those plans. This strategy-focused approach considers aspects like data analytics, technological solutions, customer experience, and more to ensure that creative ideas are getting in front of the right audience.

At the same time, by monitoring tools like analytics dashboards, teams can analyze why certain campaigns are more successful than others and how to maximize ROI.

For instance, a content writer composes a blog post that is posted on a company’s website. Yet, that piece of creative content – no matter how well-written or informative it is – is not helpful for a company’s marketing efforts if it is promoted on the wrong channel or if the company’s website isn’t optimized for mobile viewing.

So, nerds step in to suggest keywords for SEO (search engine optimization) that improve the article’s visibility, redesign website interfaces to make them mobile-friendly, and analyze the performance of the blog post to optimize the company’s digital strategy.

Further, nerds also automate basic parts of marketing (like social media post scheduling, campaign tracking and reporting, and email newsletters) giving the team even more time to focus on being creative – both in terms of concept and strategy.

Why Creatives and Nerds Need to Work Together

When worlds collide, new solutions become possible.

That’s why being able to stand out from the competition requires marketers to consider three worlds: advertising, marketing, and media; data science, analytics and strategy; and technology.

When solving business challenges for clients, most modern-day marketers will recognize the fact that today’s marketing efforts involve some combination of the areas listed above. If we mix advertising with data science, for example, we can create solid marketing campaigns that are backed by objectivity and statistic-backed facts. If we mix technology and marketing, we can create unforgettable experiences for our client’s consumers.

Finally, combining data and technology can help us reach operational excellence. The possibilities are truly endless and we are just at the beginning of the new “worlds” that are emerging due to the need for marketers to break out of old patterns.

While creativity is still a crucial force driving marketing efforts, marketing efforts must be supported by strategy to truly shine. When nerds and creatives work together, anything is possible.

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