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What Do Medicine And IT Have In Common?

Quite a lot, it turns out. Support engineers are like doctors: they run tests, diagnose a problem and then cure the bugs.

Even the services we offer correspond to how doctors try to treat patients. When you get ill you tend to do one of four things

Head to the Medicine Cabinet

When you get a headache, or a case of the sniffles, you sort it yourself. You go to your medicine cabinet and get some painkillers.

It’s the same with computers. Sometimes you know that a piece of equipment is just broken and you need a new one. So we offer an equipment cabinet: a locked cupboard to get those replacements. We can even mail new equipment to your mobile workers, and they can send their broken computer to us to get it fixed up.

Get Help over the Phone

Quite a few countries these days have a special number to call for those niggles you’re not quite sure about. You can even get a video call with a doctor, now.

With IT, it’s even easier. Most of the time, we can fix your problem remotely. We can even rebuild the whole operating system without needing to come visit.

Go See the Doctor

Even with video conferencing, there are some things you just want to talk to your doctor about face-to-face. It’s reassuring having someone right there in front of you.

That’s why we offer a Tech Bar. It’s a drop-in clinic for your IT woes. You can swing by whenever you like, and someone will look at it there and then, give you general advice and fix those problems immediately.

Call the Ambulance

Obviously, you don’t want to have a paramedic in your home every hour of every day. But when you need urgent help, you need them there in just a few minutes.

And in IT,  you probably don’t need an engineer sitting around twiddling their thumbs every day. But when a server cuts out or a critical application crashes, you want them there quickly. So we have exactly that: an engineer who will rush out and get to your within two hours.

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