We Opened Our Innovation Center and Digital Solutions in Mexico - Stefanini

We Opened Our Innovation Center And Digital Solutions In Mexico

We inaugurated the Innovation Center and Digital Solutions –  Innovation Hub in Mexico. In line with our new offices around the world, the space is collaborative to share new ideas, develop customized projects to meet customer needs, and generate a pleasant work environment that encourages team integration.

The new Innovation Hub will have 185 employees from Stefanini as well as customers, business partners, fintechs, and students in order to develop an open innovation system. The idea is to work on the development of digital solutions with agile methodologies such as Scrum, DevOps, Design Thinking, and Sprint Design, among others. The teams will be multidisciplinary and self-managed with a focus on generating value for customers.

During the inauguration of the new office and the Innovation Center, our executives highlighted some solutions for the regional market such as digital recording, which can use biometrics tools in an interaction with the company’s virtual assistant, Sophie.

Another highlight is the Topaz financial solution, which has the ability to carry out all stages of bank management. This allows financial companies of any size to transform their core banking processes with greater agility, security, cost reduction, cognitive applications for insurers, and the new offering for the cloud.

The team also presented our DevOps solution, which allows users to follow the construction of the software through implementation, development, testing, and validation in an agile and automated way.

According to Guillermo Lara, CEO of Stefanini Mexico, the Innovation Hub will strengthen its relationship with business partners.

“This new office will have a more collaborative model, where we will work with some startups and partner companies to develop solutions that are aligned with our purpose: to create a better world,” said Marcelo Ciasca, CEO of Stefanini Latam.

Marco Stefanini, global CEO and founder of Stefanini, was present at the inauguration, and highlighted the pride he has in building trust in relationships, allowing for the integration of customers with the company’s various solutions.

“We are increasingly focused on understanding the needs of our customers with the goal of developing customized solutions that can really make a difference for each of them,” said Stefanini. “Our Innovation Center in Mexico is one more example of our expanding investments and state-of-the-art solutions, committed to transforming us all the time to help our customers on their digital journey.”

Our new office is located at Avenida Río San Joaquín, 351, 7th floor.

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