We Acquire the Legal Startup Intelligenti in Brazil - Stefanini

We Acquire The Legal Startup Intelligenti In Brazil

Stefanini, announced that the company acquires Intelligenti, a solid legal firm in Brazil. The company  offers solutions adressed to the management of lawsuits, civil, labor, tax and administrative. Intelligenti’s portfolio also includes solutions to generate and manage contracts, assist banks, energy companies, telecommunications, retail and other areas that have direct relation with the final consumer to have  better control over processes and lower cost of management.

The new company of the Stefanini Group has developed an artificial intelligence (AI) platform that allows it, through integrated software, to generate control of several tools in the processes, as well as provide information that can guide the best decision making.

Currently, Intelligenti has seven clients and accumulates the volume of 200,000 processes. “We offer tailor-made technology for every type of business, both for large corporations (Corporate Solutions), which have legal departments and a large volume of processes, as well as law firms (Business Solutions). We use technology to manage the back office,  help make strategic decisions,  reduce administrative procedures,  generate the economy, and  gain quality so that lawyers can focus on legal management,”said Thiago Rocha da Palma, commercial director of Intelligenti.

“We are investing heavily in our digital offer and we see in this acquisition the opportunity to expand our participation in the legal sector of large companies. Our expectation is to invest R$300 million ($80 million USD) in acquisitions over the next three or four years,” said Marco Stefanini, global CEO of Stefanini.

Corporate solutions are developed into modules and can be deployed tailored to the legal demands of companies, such as large legal departments of financial institutions, telephony, energy, retail, and controlling the large volume of processes within the company with the use of AI. The business solution is directed toward law firms whose software for process automation was developed based on expertise in legal processes. The technology is divided into modules and can be fully customized, enabling automated, standardized and repetitive procedures that consume employee time.

“Intelligenti’s solution is fully aligned with the concept of Lawtech, which uses a number of new technological tools to automate legal departments, in addition to bringing more effectiveness and cost reduction,” said Alexandre Vômero, Stefanini BPO director for Latin America.

In addition to Intelligenti, Stefanini acquired in 2018 the company Estatistica Segura which transforms collected data  into insights to generate new business, and Magma, a multidisciplinary startup specialized in information technology for the health segment.

Stefanini has become increasingly competitive with its innovation ecosystem and supporting the digital transformation of its customers. “The expectation is to contribute, as well as act more  connected andcollaborative, with the goal of improving the customer experience ,” said  Stefanini.

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