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Stefanini Promotes The Power Of Transformation At Sustainable Industrial Manufacturing

Stefanini is set to raise awareness of the importance of digital transformation for the manufacturing sector at the Sustainable Industrial Manufacturing conference, which takes place 28-29 June at the Brussels Expo.

Stefanini will promote the importance of innovation and transformation for the sector via its own booth at the conference, which forms part of a series of exhibitions aimed at supporting and facilitating the transition to cleaner manufacturing around the world. This transition is crucial at time when heavy industry is responsible for 30% of carbon emissions and the industry’s move toward net zero will play a vital role in limiting global warming to 2°C by 2050.

Key themes at this year’s Sustainable Industrial Manufacturing include financing the energy transition, the importance of recycling, the role of machine learning for factories and the importance of new emission and waste reduction technologies. Alongside the conference, the event will include exhibition zones, workshop theatres and roundtable debates.

“The manufacturing sector has a hugely important role to play in our lives and in our transition to a more sustainable future globally. We’re delighted to have the opportunity to promote the role technology and transformation can play in not only helping businesses in this sector become more efficient and profitable, but also in reducing their emissions and operating more sustainably,” says Iris Gologan, Product Manager at Stefanini EMEA.

“Whether it’s harnessing the power of machine learning to reduce emissions or through technologies that transform efficiency through equipment that can make proactive, evidence-based decisions, there’s a hugely exciting digital future for manufacturing businesses. Our presence at Sustainable Industrial Manufacturing is a great opportunity to engage with these businesses and discuss the role Stefanini can play in helping them realize this exciting future,” adds Gologan.

Stefanini’s participation in Sustainable Industrial Manufacturing builds on the company’s decades of experience in engaging with the industry, including its support for smart factories and expertise in using data analytics and IoT platforms to create end-to-end enterprise intelligence.

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