Stefanini Takes Part in Google CS First Event in Southfield, MI - Stefanini

Stefanini Takes Part In Google CS First Event In Southfield, MI

We’ve recently participated in the Google CS First Event in Southfield on Tuesday, Feb. 27. The event is part of a program that helps teach coding skills to students in grades 4-8 through an online curriculum. The goal is to help kids become interested in technology early.

The event featured interactive stations in which the students could participate. More than 400 students from different schools across Michigan gathered together and engaged with different devices and technologies.

“We are proud to be a part of this important Google initiative,” said Carla Ferber, marketing director at Stefanini North America and Asia-Pacific. “The world is in a transformational process, and it will demand even more technology skills. Stefanini is aligned with this need, and we are investing significantly in engaging this generation in conversations about how technology can help them build a better future,” she said.

During the event, Stefanini showcased its augmented reality solution through a funny trivia game. Sophie—Stefanini’s artificial intelligence platform with the ability to turn data into valuable solutions—also made an appearance at the event, as part of one of the augmented reality trivia questions.

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