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Stefanini Partners With Agora.Io To Offer Live Video Solutions

For more than 30 years, our mission at Stefanini has been to help companies around the world embrace digital transformation, guiding them and providing the technology required to convert new ideas into bespoke, actionable business realities. We have done this through a broad portfolio of solutions that combines consultation, marketing, mobility, personalised campaigns and artificial intelligence services. One frontier that we have yet to fully explore though, is real-time video.

Real-time – or live – video is an area that’s growing rapidly and generating huge demand. We pride ourselves at Stefanini on being on the frontline of the latest technology. So, to explore this exciting new space, we are pleased to announce that we have partnered with, the leading voice, video and live interactive streaming platform. As our new partner, Agora will allow us to give our customers in Europe and Brazil access to cutting-edge, real-time video solutions, all powered by Agora’s global real-time communications (RTC) network.

An exciting new partnership

We have a rich history of working with a wide range of partners in order to meet our customers’ needs. Now, thanks to our new partnership with Agora, the ability to offer real-time video solutions is sure to be a vital asset to our work. By adding Agora’s live video capabilities to our digital offerings, we will give our customers the ability to implement real-time engagement solutions into our existing digital experiences.

To help our customers implement Agora’s live video solutions, we will employ a dedicated developer team, focused on the emerging live video market. Members of this team will be trained as ‘Agora Experts’ and serve as an extension of Agora to help our customers with the integration process. As part of the Agora Partner Program, we will also receive technical training here at Stefanini. Beyond this, we will have access to a vast library of resources, priority access to product roadmaps and lucrative revenue share.

Why Agora?

In the five years since its launch, Agora has helped customers in over 100 countries and over 200,000 developers embed real-time engagement and communications solutions into their applications and platforms. By working with local partners like Stefanini, Agora hopes to share its vision of a connected world with a plethora of new organisations, creating new channels for communication and increasing engagement among users and customers.

The underlying technology at the core of our new partnership is Agora’s Voice & Video SDK. It allows developers to embed crystal-clear and real-time video conferencing and interactive streaming into any application. Our customers will be able to tap into Agora’s network of 200 globally distributed data centres and proprietary Software-Defined Real-Time Network (SD-RTN™) to connect users globally, via high-quality, real-time video communications.

We are all, at Stefanini, tremendously excited about this new partnership, and are looking forward to seeing what we can achieve with Agora.

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