Stefanini Launches a New Purpose for the Company, Co-Creation - Stefanini

Stefanini Launches A New Purpose For The Company, Co-Creation

Today we announced the new brand purpose: co-creating solutions for a better future. In line with the transformation that the company has experienced in assisting customers in the digital age, Stefanini’s new dynamic involved more than 450 leaders from different countries. In this co-creation exercise promoted in São Paulo (Brazil), the teams recognized the essence of what they propose to do together with clients and with society in general. Thus, in a collaborative and immersive work, the new purpose of the company was defined.

“We understand that in order to align with the changes in society, we need companies that position themselves as innovators, developing solutions that contribute to changes in social impact, valuing both people and new technologies. And while technologies are important for the evolution of society, digital transformation is, in fact, a cultural transformation that begins in the mind of the executive and extends to all of the people in the organization,” said Marco Stefanini, founder and global CEO at Stefanini.

According to him, co-creation is the ability to add forces, companies and customers together to innovate with an experience that engages the consumer. In a more collaborative world, technology is an ally combatting business challenges, and it is only in an act of co-creation that technology can be used in its full potential to achieve better and more effective results in the digital world.

Alongside the new purpose, Stefanini renews its logo to maintain a better connection with the digital world. According to Eliezer Silveira Filho, CMO of Stefanini Latin America, this new look is in accordance with the primary needs of modern society. “The new Stefanini brand carries simplicity by using brighter colors and a cleaner design. The new colors reinforce the diversity of stakeholders in the process of co-creating a solution. At Stefanini, we want more people to work with the company, whether as employees, developers or partners, so that we can aim to develop, together, innovative solutions to build a better future,” emphasizes Eliezer.

Recently, Stefanini was mentioned in The Boston Consulting Group’s (BCG) Multilatinas 2018 Report as one of the 100 most relevant companies in terms of growth and financial returns in Latin America. In this group, Stefanini is the only Brazilian technology company. “We believe this move may inspire our team globally to do differently, motivated by customers’ business objectives and the transformation of society,” adds Stefanini LATAM’s CMO.

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