Stefanini announces strategic joint venture in Romania with Cyber Smart Defence - Stefanini

Stefanini Announces Strategic Joint Venture In Romania With Cyber Smart Defence

Stefanini has boosted its extensive cybersecurity offering with the launch of a new strategic joint venture in Romania, in partnership with the country’s most dynamic cybersecurity company, Cyber Smart Defence.

The strategic partnership expands Stefanini’s portfolio of cybersecurity services and solutions to include penetration and vulnerability testing, while giving Cyber Smart Defence access to a worldwide market, with Stefanini operating from 70 offices in 41 countries.

This is the second strategic joined venture established by Stefanini in Romania recently, having already created Stefanini Infinit by taking over the team of the digital marketing agency Infinit Solutions.

Stefanini already has an extensive global cybersecurity offering, which was established through Stefanini Rafael, in partnership with the Israeli cybersecurity company Rafael Advance Defense Systems.

Stefanini’s latest joint venture will strengthen its expertise and service portfolio, while generating new business streams both in Romania and worldwide.

”Romania has been a growth engine and innovation driver for our group. Our organization has continuously expanded here, playing an increasingly important role not only within the local market, but also at a European level, piloting new initiatives and bringing in amazing talent and technology expertise,” says Farlei Kothe, CEO, Stefanini EMEA. ”Our regional offices are here, we have here one of our largest teams here and we continue to find new and exciting opportunities to service our global customers better, in line with the ever-changing needs of the business world.”

“We have worked with Stefanini on joint projects for a while now and we have identified a lot of similarities in terms of principles and processes,” says Mădălin Dumitru, founder of Cyber Smart Defence. “I was personally happy to meet and work with Marco Stefanini who, while leading a multimillion EUR global tech company, has managed to preserve his entrepreneurial flair, energy and enthusiasm for the business. We hope this partnership will be beneficial for both parties involved, as we are surely glad to address the needs of our current and future clients at a global level and share our expertise with the international cybersecurity team within the Stefanini Group.”

Cyber Smart Defence will continue to operate as an independent company, keeping its management and team in place, while expanding its portfolio of services, solutions and customers by benefitting from Stefanini Group’s resources and presence in more than 40 countries. 

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