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Stefanini Drives Artificial Intelligence Project In One Of The Largest Banks In Brazil

Caixa Econômica Federal, in partnership with Stefanini, and one of the most reputed global providers of technology-based business solutions – has provided the development of a cognitive platform to offer its employees and service providers more agility and efficiency through Aixa , artificial intelligence tool. More than 150,000 users will benefit through CAIXA’s internal self-service portal or Skype for Business, solving internal issues, queries and hundreds of other transactions.

The tool is able to interact with human users and systems through a growing set of text interfaces. The interactions follow flows of simple and natural conversations, allowing the search of information in a dynamic way in the CAIXA systems, in addition to facilitating the opening of service tickets (Inquiries and Service Inquiries). All in an integrated and intuitive way. In the bank, the platform was named Aixa – CAIXA Virtual Assistant.

According to CAIXA’s director of technology, Naran Peçanha, “the automated attendance with Artificial Intelligence is not just another trend, but a reality in several companies. Aixa will redefine how CAIXA’s IT relates to its users, being able to learn exponentially over time from all available internal IT data. With Aixa, we became part of the select group that uses this technology to improve the user experience. ”

Alexandre Winetzki, Director of Research & Development at Stefanini, explains that this can be considered as the largest cognitive project ever undertaken in Brazil due to the high level of complexity and integration. “We went through a review of the processes of service of the technology services, which are very consolidated in the knowledge of the service teams. In addition, there were natural concerns with data security and with the most varied types of usage credentials and distinct content for each. To ensure even more efficient service, we are deepening from the complexity of the processes to be automated to the continuous improvement of CAIXA’s communication interfaces and service models, “emphasizes Winetzki.

Cognitive Intelligence for a Caixa

The cognitive intelligence platform, Sophie, which is in its version 2.2, is composed of a set of software, systems and processes that help improve the performance of companies or systems that interact with the consumer or user, through text and voice.

The most recent project involving Sophie was just implemented through Caixa Econômica Federal, whose virtual assistant was named Aixa. More than 150 thousand employees and service providers will benefit and can open tickets, have consultations and hundreds of other transactions through Caixa’s self-service portal or Skype for Business. With Stefanini’s solution, the interactions follow flows of conversation that are simpler and more natural, searching for information in a dynamic way in Caixa’s systems, as well as facilitating the opening of service tickets (ITSM).

“With the high level of complexity and integration, we can consider this the biggest cognitive service project ever held in Brazil,” says Alexandre Winetzki, Stefanini’s P&D director.

According to the executive, no system in Brazil has reached such a high level of contextual understanding and assertiveness. The Sophie 2.2 platform has new features:

Sophie 2.2 features:

  • Platform responds in 40 languages, with no need for additional configuration
  • New integration backplane
  • Dashboards, control systems and service maintenance
  • Search in knowledgebases external to the platform, with ranking based on semantic search
  • Improvement in cognitive nucleus with implementation of genetic algorithms and common knowledge networks (unique technical approaches)

Platform’s Potential

  • Automation average of 31% of client processes that already implement the solution
  • User satisfaction index, measured in real time, continuously above 85%
  • More than 2,500 processes mapped
  • Services in areas as distinct as banks, insurance companies, telecom, industry and health
  • Sophie will process more than 1.2 million service tickets by the end of 2017, up from 80 thousand processed in 2016

Since 2008, Stefanini has provided software factory services and support for CAIXA. Starting in 2016, Stefanini started working in the IT Service Desk for the bank and is evaluating extensions to Aixa. It is estimated that the cognitive intelligence tool grows at least ten times as in both the attendance volume as in the flow. The goal is to add and evolve the processes of cognitive care to the bank system.

Stefanini’s research and development director says that the CAIXA project was the largest model worked in the last four years, with a very positive balance. “It’s not just the technology itself that continues to evolve, but the creation of a very mature process of evaluation, planning, delivery, and support that allows us to move from kickoff to final product in a few months, with a compact team, costs under control and absolutely satisfactory results in user experience and return on investment, “says the executive.

Recently Stefanini introduced the new version Sophie 2.2, which has been implemented in 40 languages ​​and has already been implemented in various segments such as industry, retail, insurance and government. The platform can be added to all of Stefanini’s offerings in Information Technology Outsourcing (ITO), Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and call center, as well as to most major IT Service Management (ITSM) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) available in the market.

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