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Stefanini Becomes 4me Certified Partner

Strong Partnership Celebrated With Two New Certifications

Stefanini’s expertise and deep partnership with 4me has been recognized with two new certifications, the 4me Certified Partner Award and the 4me Integration Partner Award.

Stefanini gained the 4me Certified Partner Award by demonstrating its commitment to encouraging employees to build their knowledge of the 4me platform. It gained the 4me Integration Partner Award in recognition of its successful integration of AI voice assistant Sophie in the 4me App Store.

The Certified Partner Award is assessed yearly, while the Integration Partner Award remains valid for as long as a solution remains available in the App Store. The success of Stefanini’s partnership with 4me has already resulted in plans to work on new solutions, while a joint event is also set to take place later this year.

“Stefanini has always believed in the power of deep partnerships and these latest certifications demonstrate our commitment to collaborating closely with partners in order to deliver the best possible results to clients. Integrating two mature solutions like Sophie and 4me can be quite complicated but thanks to the expertise and collaboration of 4me and Stefanini it was relatively easy to complete– it’s a testament to the strength of our partnership that it has been such a success,” says Maarten de Ridder, ITSM Architect and Practice Consulting Team Lead at Stefanini EMEA.

“While we adopt a technology agnostic approach, we also develop deep expertise within specific technology solutions and support our clients in achieving the best possible results with these, so we’re really proud that 4me has recognized our efforts here,” adds Maarten.

Cor Winkler Prins, CEO at 4me, says: “As part of our endeavor to provide the best and most complete service management platform, the addition of Stefanini’s popular virtual agent Sophie to the 4me App Store was a logical one. We greatly value our partnership with Stefanini and are delighted to be able to reward Stefanini’s commitment with these certifications.”

Enterprise Service Management solution 4me enables an organization’s internal and external service providers to collaborate seamlessly, while the level of service that each party provides is tracked in real time.

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