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When Jigsaw Pieces Come Together, You Get The Whole Picture

‘Sometimes we need skills that we don’t have on the Trivadis side. But we find those on the Stefanini side,’ Thomas Riedel-Heine, managing director at Trivadis.

Trivadis is a company which makes IT easier for their customers. They work with the cloud, digital projects, big data, the internet of things. In fact, on some days – you could call them our competitor.

But as Thomas told us: ‘We make better partners than competitors.’

We put together a team

In 2017, Trivadis and Stefanini created a dedicated team of 30 people, from multiple departments. This team would work on high-profile jobs for their clients. And eight of those were our people: developers and experts. It was always seen as a long-term project. Last year, we joined to help develop applications in Java and the like. This year, the team will be focusing a lot more on business intelligence.

‘We handle all the members in our dedicated team like they’re our own. They use our systems, they come to our events and workshops,’ Thomas says. ‘We want them to be like members of Trivadis.’

That team can grow and shrink as needed

Because Trivadis uses us when they need to develop specific applications, they’re much more able to grow their team when they need to. If a big project comes in, we can supply new people, so Trivadis doesn’t need to go to freelancers. And if need be, we can easily pull people back into our fold.

But Thomas hopes that this small team will keep growing. His dream is that it becomes a subsidiary in its own right – and becomes larger than anything else they do.

‘We’re convinced of the technical expertise of Stefanini,’ Thomas says. ‘I’m convinced this model will keep bringing us benefits.’

Could you benefit from it, too?

We believe so.

Any time a business offloads the stress of development to someone else, they get the benefit of expertise – without the hassle of recruitment. We run within your teams, as part of your wider company. And if, or when, you need more or less – you just let us know.

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