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Stefanini And DeVry University Co-create A Student-first Solution For Better Customer Experience

We partnered with DeVry University, one of the leading higher education institutions, to co-create a student-first solution for better customer experience. DeVry serves more than 22,000 students* who strive to improve themselves and careers with education.

DeVry students are unique, most are adults and more than 85 percent* of courses are taken online. With this in mind, the university is focused on the digital user experience of its students, as well as serving students and faculty at its more than 45 campus locations nationwide.

A Trusted Partner for Quality Service

In 2016, DeVry University struggled to keep its internal helpdesk staffed to keep up with user demands. Technology peers in the industry suggested us as a reliable partner for service desk support and smart workplace solutions. After a Request for Proposal process, we partnered with DeVry to improve customer service for both students and faculty. Customer satisfaction ratings dramatically improved to 4.7 stars out of 5, with a zero call abandon rate.

In 2019, we extended our service partnership to include field service, with hands-on support technicians both permanently assigned and as required across DeVry’s 45 campus footprint.

Student-First Approach to Artificial Intelligence

After a successful launch, DeVry University expanded its partnership with us. It implemented a chatbot to serve a crucial role in providing excellent self-service and connected experiences. Our Sophie platform leverages cognitive computing and artificial intelligence, with a focus on self-adaptation, to enable her to achieve self-learning and human-like interaction.

DeVry chose to personalize the platform with its own name and icon to reflect the demographics of its students. The platform will serve multiple knowledge bases and service areas, including students, faculty, and human resources.

Forward-Looking Approach

DeVry University is familiar with how quickly the higher education market is evolving and knows the importance of supporting students where they are. It’s capitalizing on sentiment analysis to better serve students. We are co-creating with DeVry, expanding the Sophie platform to use sentiment analysis and machine learning to address student satisfaction as well as retention risk.

DeVry and Stefanini are also exploring interesting opportunities leveraging in both delivering of learning experiences and service to colleagues and students.

*Figures taken from the September 2019 Academic term. Please note, these figures are not static and are subject to change throughout the academic school year.

Learn more about our services in the education sector here.

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