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Recognized As The “+Digital” Company In The Multinational Category

In order for companies to be able to embrace digital, it is important that new business models are aligned with the company’s overall strategy and can be defined from a new, collaboratively designed purpose to translate the essence of what it proposes to carry out at the moment, whether with employees, clients or society. By acting in this way, we embarked on the digital journey, transforming ourselves to help transform our customers.

Our movement, which has been reinforced in the last two years, was recognized on Thursday during the Digitalks Forum Expo 2018, held in São Paulo, Brazil. From research carried out by + Digital Institute with companies of various sizes and segments, we won as the company “+ Digital”  in the multinational category along with eight other companies.

The award aims to recognize the best positioned organizations to meet the challenges posed by the digital world, and prepared to reap the opportunities of the connected  world in which we live. The registered companies have received an online survey addressed to some of their executives, from the CEO to the financial, marketing, operations, innovation and human resources areas. The questionnaire calculates the level of digital maturity of each company in four dimensions: social, mobility, technology management and information management. For each one, a score of 0 to 100 is generated, which together generated the company’s digital maturity index. All the companies who answered the questionnaire received an executive summary after the awards, which contained notes for each of the four categories, as well as a comparison of performance in the digital market.

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