Office Relocation in Southfield and First Innovation Center in the U.S. - Stefanini

Office Relocation In Southfield And First Innovation Center In The U.S.

Stefanini moved its corporate office in Southfield, Michigan,  to a new address: an open-space concept which is more aligned with Stefanini’s values.  The new office reflects Stefanini’s collaborative process and promotes open communication among different departments.  In addition to being the headquarters for Stefanini North America and Asia-Pacific, the new Southfield office also boasts the first Innovation Center in the U.S.

According to Spencer Gracias, CEO of Stefanini North America and Asia-Pacific, the inspiration for the new office was based on making innovation a priority.  The company designed an open-space concept with furniture, lights, and colors specifically chosen to stimulate creativity, communication and the exchange of new ideas through design thinking methodology.  “We believe that investing in a more creative and innovative atmosphere is crucial to the environment,” said Mr. Gracias.

First Innovation Center in the U.S.

The innovative culture will be reinforced within the Global Innovation Center, which is located in the same facility.  The Global Innovation Centers are part of a worldwide Stefanini initiative that has enabled the company the ability to embrace emerging technologies and industry standards using design thinking methodology.  “Through the Innovation Centers, located in Brazil, Romania, Singapore and, now, in the United States, Stefanini is aiming to create value for its customers that earn their lifetime loyalty,” said Mr. Gracias.

In addition to benefiting employees, the new office will reinforce innovation within the community and embrace the company’s partners.  “As a result, Stefanini is positioned strongly as a company that views innovation as a priority, enjoying all the benefits of new trends and providing solutions aligned with the specific business needs of its clients,” affirmed Mr. Gracias.

The new Stefanini Southfield office address is:

27100 West Eleven Mile Road

Southfield, MI 48034

All of Stefanini’s phone numbers and fax numbers will remain the same.

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