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‘Kindness’ And ‘Innovation’ Celebrated As Stefanini Employees Are Shortlisted For Awards

Two of the things we care about most at Stefanini are people and ideas – we believe that successs comes from encouraging the growth and flourishing of both.

So, we’re thrilled to see those values celebrated as two of our employees are shortlisted for the 2018 GSA UK Professional Awards – a distinct set of accolades recognising the often-unsung individuals and teams who are delivering significant value to the global sourcing industry. Our EMEA Quality and Customer Experience Manager, Raluca Andreea Andrei, is one of the finalists for Manager of the Year while our Digital Transformation Centre Manager, Razvan Tapu, is up for Digital Champion of the Year.

Raluca has been shortlisted thanks to her excellent work boosting our project management capabilities, significantly improving our users’ experience and increasing their satisfaction. She began her work with us over a decade ago as an engineer and has progressed – through a mix of experience and pursuing new qualifications – to be a Quality Specialist. Some of her biggest accomplishments within Stefanini are inspired by her own career journey; as she has established an apprenticeship programme, a mentorship programme and a Business Practices Academy.

Reflecting on her managing style, Raluca says: “I think I’m different because I let the team drive. I invest everything in my people, and then take the backseat.” Her team clearly agree with her assessment, with Melissa Lacatus, in one of Raluca’s direct reports, saying: “it’s rare to meet someone as kind, willing to help and motivating as Raluca. She always knows exactly what to say to lift someone’s spirit or to make you feel like you’re doing a great job, no matter how small the task. Raluca is empowering every member of her team.”

Also on the list of finalists, Razvan is being recognised for his pioneering work creating and managing Stefanini’s Digital Transformation Centre, which shapes and delivers our digital offering both internally and externally.

“We’re innovating by skill, not by luck,” Razvan shares. “We’ve made sure our digital successes are not a fluke by building innovation into our organisation, and that means we’ll have a healthy pipeline for years to come.” Through developing fresh initiatives like new native cloud apps and pushing exploration in key areas such as Augmented Reality and Virtual Personal Assistants, Razvan has enabled Stefanini to better help customers create and implement their own digital transformation strategies.

Stefanini’s CEO, Manuel Frade, has praised Razvan’s drive and commitment to the company, saying, “Razvan sets high standards of achievement for himself and others and looks for opportunities to compete and to win. These are the exact characteristics that made us achieve tremendous progress this year in terms of digital services and innovation.”

The 2018 winners will be announced at the GSA awards ceremoney on Thursday 24th May in Manchester, and naturally we hope that Raluca and Razvan’s achievements will be recognised. But whoever takes home the awards, we’re proud of our staff and everything they do to offer high-quality and innovative service to our customers and to make Stefanini a passionate and empowering place to work.

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