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IHM Stefanini Participates In The Construction Of The First Brazilian Nuclear Submarine

We are participating in the construction of Brazil’s first nuclear submarine, the SN-Álvaro Alberto. The project is part of the PROSUB (Submarine Development Program), established in 2008 by the Brazilian Federal Government through a technology transfer agreement signed between France and Brazil.

Naval Group, a world reference in naval defense whose main shareholder is the French government, will coordinate the project. After a two-year long, rigorous process that consisted of the thorough analysis of technical expertise and ability to manage high-complexity project management of over 70 Brazilian companies, Naval Group has selected IHM Stefanini to provide a series of control and supervision equipment and services for the operation of the submarine.

The project includes designing the Integrated Program Management System (IPMS), supplying the PLC and remote panels, configurating the PLCs and industrial networks, configuring the supervisory for the control interface and designing the cybersecurity networks and systems, as well as a rigorous testing system to guarantee the perfect operation of  services and equipment to be supplied. A group of IHM Stefanini engineers will receive a four-month training in Ruelle-sur-Touvre, France, where Naval Group’s Center of Excellence in Naval Equipments is located.

A nuclear-propelled submarine can remain submerged indefinitely, with its only limitations being supplies and the crew’s physical and psychic stability. Currently, only six countries in the world have nuclear submarines: USA, Russia, China, UK, France and India. Helping Brazil enter this select group of countries involves great responsibility. It is an honor for IHM Stefanini to be part of this project, as it represents the recognition of the quality of our work, and denotes great trust toward our company since the project involves the security of the country.

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