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Embracing The Cybersecurity Challenge In A Disrupted Business Environment

The business landscape has completely changed. The old ‘business as usual’ no longer applies – and that means a brand-new approach to cybersecurity is required too.

The shift to remote working has clearly been necessary for business continuity during the pandemic, but it has also meant a significant increase in the number of cyberattacks and the potential damage they could cause.

This includes an increased risk for companies in industries that had not been the traditional focus of hackers, such as medical and industrial businesses.

We’ve already been seeing the consequences of this shift globally. While the losses caused by cybercrime never go down, they’re estimated to increase this year to $6 trillion, from around $2 trillion in 2020.

Every second, a cyberattack happens in the EU, with hackers selling personal data gained through these hacks on the dark web for as little as 20 cents. Businesses face huge direct costs as a result of data loss and data leaks, while the reputational damage can also be hugely significant, if more difficult to quantify.

Despite the fact that this is a widespread problem, most businesses are unaware of the extent to which their organization is affected. Some 98% of the IT systems we have tested have had critical vulnerabilities. At the same time, 95% of the owners and IT directors of these companies believed that they did not have any major security problems in their infrastructure.

Responding to the new threat

This mismatch between the scale of the problem and business readiness to tackle it is something we want to address at Stefanini.

It’s why we’ve launched our new joint venture with Cyber Smart Defence, one of the most dynamic cybersecurity companies in Romania, alongside our new Security Operations Center (SOC), which will provide a comprehensive portfolio of cybersecurity services to clients across EMEA.

These recent launches build on our extensive global cybersecurity offering, which was established in 2016 through our joint venture with the Israeli cybersecurity company Rafael Advance Defense Systems.

“We are very confident that the level of skills and expertise we bring to the market is unrivalled, especially since we are closely working with our colleagues from the Stefanini – Rafael venture we have established in Brazil, as well as with Cyber Smart Defence, the joint venture we’ve established in Romania. We can provide 24/7/365 top-level services anywhere in the world, we can offer proof of concept to a client within days and we customize every single delivery and every project we offer our clients,” says Farlei Kothe, CEO Stefanini EMEA.

Our cybersecurity services portfolio now includes everything from penetration testing and threat intelligence to DevSecOps and Managed Security Operations.

By constantly embracing innovation and staying one step ahead of disruption, it’s possible for businesses to face challenging circumstances and come out the other side stronger than ever.

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