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Digital Transformation In Manufacturing

By 2020, half of the 2,000 global companies will rely on their ability to create digital experiences, products and services, according to IDC. This will dictate their business future, and the manufacturing industry is no exception.

According to McKinsey, the three pillars of digital transformation within the manufacturing industry are:

·         Connectivity – “Enables the flow of relevant information to the right decision makers in real time.” For instance, “digital performance management and the use of augmented reality to communicate interactive work instructions and standard operating procedures.”

·         Intelligence – “Use cases relate to applying advanced analytics and artificial intelligence to an array of data to generate new insights and enable better decision making.” For instance, “predictive maintenance, digital quality management, and AI-driven demand forecasting.”

·         Flexible automation – “New robotic technologies are leveraged to improve the productivity, quality, and safety of operational processes.” For instance, “autonomous guided vehicles and using cobots for assembly processes.”

Digital transformation is changing the way business is conducted. People will be using different technologies and tools, and the way we manufacture will change drastically.

Our industry automation is specialized in industrial and smart factory solutions, with about 20 years in the market. We have managed multidisciplinary projects in several segments, such as mining, automotive, food and more.

You can learn more about our industry automation and all of our manufacturing capabilities here.

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