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Stefanini To Share Crucial Cybersecurity Insight At CIONET Event

Stefanini is set to outline how business leaders can respond to the growing cybersecurity threat, while simultaneously evolving and protecting their organizations, at an online web conference organized by CIONET.

Taking place on Wednesday 27 October at 16:00 CET, the online event is set to feature multiple speakers from across Stefanini Group, including Cyber Smart Defence (CSD), as well as senior leaders from the likes of Siemens Digital Industries, NN, Extenda Retail and Sibelga.

After an introduction from Luc Hendrikx, CEO at CIONET, and Alex Bertea, Chief Cybersecurity Strategist at Stefanini EMEA, CSD speakers will provide crucial insights into how businesses can successfully protect themselves against new threats.

This will include Madalin Dumitru, Founder and CEO at CSD, kicking off with an introduction to the hacker mindset, before later explaining the key stages of cybersecurity defence; Andrei Cristea, Senior Cyber Operations Team Leader at CSD, exploring how a hacker views a target’s infrastructure and the value of Open Source Intelligence; as well as Razvan Nitu, Penetration Tester at CSD, offering insight into Ransomware-as-a-Service and why this is a new danger on the dark web.

The event will also feature an Extenda Retail case study presented by the company’s VP of Engineering, Shayne Clausson, while Achim Knebel, CISO at Siemens Digital Industries; Bart Kulach, CISO at NN; and Peter Van Lierde, CISO at Sibelga will take part in a panel discussion covering the latest security issues.

CIONET has the largest membership of corporate digital leaders across Europe, Latin America, US and Australia and supports this membership through everything from a newly released exclusive app to local and global events, publications and research, as well as executive education programs.

Gain more information and register for the CIONET cybersecurity event here.

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