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COVID-19: Use Sophie To Navigate The Pandemic

COVID-19 has shut down the world as we know it. Use cognitive platform Sophie to access much-needed information during this trying time.

It’s hard to believe that a mere month ago, we were taking our children to school and commuting to work each day – everyday activities that appeared to be the backbone of society. Yet, in a mere span of a few weeks, COVID-19 has seemingly shut down the world as we know it. Nonessential businesses have closed their doors to the public and many states have issued executive, stay-at-home orders. Indeed, coronavirus has proven to be a very disruptive, anxiety-inducing pandemic.

Yet, amidst this turmoil, companies have done their best to go about business as usual. And with that goal in mind, it’s time to deploy the best technology to make sure employees stay informed during this unprecedented epidemic.

Meet Sophie

When it comes to staying informed, artificial intelligence has stepped up to the plate. That’s why we would like to offer you, free of charge, Sophie, Stefanini’s Cognitive Platform, which can be used to communicate information to your employees about COVID-19. Using natural language abilities, she is accessible 24×7, and can ease your team’s anxieties, improving their overall work-life balance while going through this difficult moment.

In a time of uncertainty and confusion, Sophie is here to help keep the world informed.

Sophie’s Capabilities

  • She operates 24/7, giving employees access to information when they need it.
  • One source of information, rather than employees relying on multiple sources of potential misinformation.
  • Utilizes natural language so employees feel like they’re having human-like interactions.
  • Constantly updated so she provides the timeliest information.
  • She has a focus on self-adaptation and both interactive and contextual automation—enabling her to achieve self-learning.
  • Her UX is easier than most AI virtual assistants in that she can be deployed in less time than some of the industry’s leading AI assistants.
  • Can assist across various business scenarios and interact with various personas, providing a customized experience.
  • Links keywords to pages on source websites so the employee doesn’t have to navigate through the whole website for their answer.

And much more!

What Does Sophie Know?

With the capacity to communicate in 35 languages, Sophie is constantly learning and is fed new information every day in order to stay informed about COVID-19’s status. For instance, Sophie knows:

  • What coronavirus is
  • How to protect yourself
  • What to do if you think you may be sick
  • How to practice Social Distancing
  • How families and roommates can coexist happily 
  • Trustworthy resources that have the latest news
  • Updated cases in the U.S.
  • Research and development for COVID-19 solutions and vaccine
  • Mythbusters
  • Travel advice

And, as always, much more!

Using Trustworthy Sources

Sophie doesn’t just rely on a vague catalogue of resources for her answers – she only pulls information from trustworthy and reliable sources. Ask Sophie a question and expect an answer supported with facts from the following:

CDC – Center for Disease Control and Prevention

Johns Hopkins University

World Health Organization

World Economic Forum




Use Sophie Today

These are uncertain times, but they don’t have to be frightening. With Sophie at your side, you can ensure that your employees will have 24/7 access to information from reliable, timely sources, getting information more quickly than ever before. Whatever your needs are, Sophie is ready to learn, enhance, and grow your processes to provide optimal solutions.

Get assistance fast and stay informed. With Sophie, get ahead of coronavirus and above all, stay healthy.

For more information, visit Stefanini’s website or contact us to learn more.

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