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Chameleon – A Persona-Based Self-Adapting Service Portal

  • Omnichannel Support, Anywhere, Anytime
  • Integrated Workplace Experience
  • Promoting Personalized Digital Dexterity
  • Benefits of a Self-Adapting Portal
  • Enable an Adaptable Workplace Experience with Stefanini

Managing and supporting the thousands of users that make up an enterprise is a familiar challenge. Depending on the devices they use to work, their digital dexterity levels, or even their physical location, each user’s needs will vary.

“Chameleon” is a Self-Adapting Portal that customizes itself based on an end-user’s company persona, customizing its features based on available service channels and relevant access and knowledge. Stefanini’s support model has been adapted over the years to focus entirely on the end user’s experience with IT while bringing thoughtful innovations and automations to ease daily activities in the digital environment.

Our aim is to support the specific needs of each end-user with the digital tools and service channels that are most relevant to them, all through a single landing page. Taking advantage of a variety of integrated systems, Chameleon acts as a proactive and evolving product with the sole purpose of enhancing people at work and reducing the digital dexterity gap.

Chameleon offers personalization by adapting to your persona. Read the interactive brochure to learn more!

Omnichannel Support, Anywhere, Anytime

C-Level Persona View
Office Worker Persona View

Each of these tools featured on the portal are designed to ensure your team gets the exact support they need as soon as possible. Consequently, the look and feel, portal content, and support features will adapt based on a user’s company persona.

The Get Help Now section of the portal offers a quick access bar that is personalized based on the end user’s profile and location. This connects employees with variety of omnichannel support options available to them, offering a preview expected wait times. 

Tech support can come through a call with a representative, direct messages, and chat over social media channels.  Likewise, the quick access bar shows wait times for digibar locations (in-person support centers) nearest to the user.

If immediate support is not required, the “Not In a Rush?” tab offers a space to request support, review ticket statuses, perform self-service actions or review features personalized to their persona. Deep customization enables users to see which devices they have available, and when they can be replaced.

From employee to enterprise, our Digital Workplace solution that enables your infrastructure to adapt for tomorrow’s challenges. Learn about our solution here.

Integrated Workplace Experience

As part of its deep customization, Chameleon connects users with tasks specific to their role. Seamless integration with Microsoft 365 allows users access tasks, reports, and meeting information relevant to them. The “Book a Meeting” tab offers a swift means of viewing available office locations, working spaces, and team availability.

Depending on your seniority level, the portal will connect you with enterprise management tools that display employee reporting, assignment due dates and delegations, and notifications when new reports are available.

This enables managers to oversee team projects or assign new tasks, all from a single location.

Likewise, the “Global Workforce Experience IT Score” connects managerial staff with dashboards that offer a real-time view into employee IT health.

Digital Assistance enable productivity gains. Read the Trends blog to find out how!

Promoting Personalized Digital Dexterity

Striking a balance between employee concerns and business goals, the Chameleon portal’s persona-based support model is designed to put customer experience first, making users feel like IT was designed just for them.

Powered by NEXTHINK, portal monitoring tools capture your personal IT health score and provide insights on actions you can take to keep your device healthy.

Using analytics driven insights, Chameleon offers a personalized list of tutorial activities aimed to improve the user’s over all digital dexterity.

Additionally, the portal connects users with knowledge articles to ensure their questions are met with swift answers and that they have opportunities to strengthen core competencies and self-heal capabilities.

And “Sophie for Support” connects you with our AI powered Virtual Assistant. Sophie can offer automated IT support actions, or can serve as a true VA that can manage delegated tasks.

Benefits of a Self-Adapting Portal

Meeting each end user with the service and analytics most relevant to them fosters a workplace experience that promotes employee engagement, productivity, efficiency, and consistent customer satisfaction.

These are just a few of the examples of the added value the Chameleon portal provides:

  • A plethora of persona-based experiences that change with the end user’s company identity, geography, and active device
  • Reduction of the digital dexterity gap through a personalized IT scoring and personalized, analytics driven insight
  • Omni-channel support to meet end users through their desired service channel, including digital service desk tools, local field service support, and more
  • Serves as a foundation for self-help and selfheal, providing end user’s with the tools to identify support needs and appropriate actions
  • Enhances automation and user efficiency with persona related collaboration and scheduling assistant tools

Enable an Adaptable Workplace Experience with Stefanini

Whether you are supporting a hybrid or remote workforce, or if you’re aiming to expand your enterprise capabilities, adaptability is vital for business success.

At Stefanini, we take an innovative Co-Creation mindset that enables us to use your existing Workplace IT infrastructure to create true Digital Transformation.

The Chameleon portal is just a small piece of how Stefanini helps you re-imagine the workplace for better business outcomes and enhanced end-user experience. Talk to one of our experts today!

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