Celebrating Innovation Day at Stefanini - Stefanini

Celebrating Innovation Day At Stefanini

The 16th February is Innovation Day. It is a day to celebrate new ideas and discoveries around the world; particularly within science and technology. At Stefanini, innovation is the backbone of our solutions.

By embedding innovation into every aspect of an organization’s culture and transformation strategy, we help our clients build the capacity for a 360° digital vision. Combining people, technology and business in synergy allows us to create meaningful change.

Part of our 360° approach means helping your business develop the five key differentiators for delivering successful innovation:

  1. Collaborative approaches
  2. New benchmarks of cost and efficiency
  3. Organizational transformation that opens new business opportunities
  4. Using open technologies to better serve your customers
  5. Joint work models that deliver meaningful impact, faster

For over 35 years, we have empowered our clients to embrace the businesses of tomorrow, and in the process, unleash the digital transformation of today. We spoke with our global leaders for their insights on how and why businesses should embrace innovation.

Innovation to Stay Competitive

Mary Ballesta, Global Innovation & Digital Business Director at Stefanini Brasil, explains why innovation is so important in the current business landscape:

“In today’s market there are countless challenges that organisations must face, from finding opportunities to create value, to business continuity. Today the ability to create new logics and rethink everything the organisation does to achieve greater competitiveness, adaptability, and value in the digital age is a vital factor for businesses.”

Businesses are best placed to succeed when they proactively respond to the future, rather than waiting until they are disrupted by new technologies. As we witnessed during the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses that can respond swiftly during times of disruption and uncertainty are the ones that thrive. And it’s not just about investing in the latest technology.

Creating a Culture of Innovation

Keeping your business relevant today and bolstering your business for the future is about creating a culture of innovation, embracing agile business models and adopting collaborative ways of working. To create long-term success, innovation must run through the veins of a business.

Empowering employees and working collaboratively have always been core components of our culture at Stefanini. For employees, our Innovation Mentorship Program inspires everyone at Stefanini to fully realize the possibilities made tangible by our innovation. For clients, our unique philosophy is to co-create innovative solutions. This means working with our clients to come up with a solution that helps them overcome their unique challenges and achieve their business goals.

Fábio Caversan, Digital Business & Innovation Vice President at Stefanini North America, describes how our desire to innovate inspires the way we work:

“Innovation for us means challenging the way we work, behave, and think every day. We push ourselves hard to avoid unanimity and embrace the chaos that comes with it. This environment allows us not only to create new things, but also to solve problems and improve people’s lives.”

Disrupting to Discover

Disruption is a powerful force when it comes to discovering new ways to grow your business at scale and harness the revolutionary power of change. Just look at how the latest technologies like generative AI and Chat-GPT are already shaking up the way we work!  Andrei Georgescu, Digital Transformation Center Director at Stefanini EMEA, explains how Stefanini embraces innovation and encourages our clients to embrace it too:

“From exploring and working on integrating the latest technologies, such as Chat-GPT, with our solutions, to delivering highly specialized co-creation workshops to drive innovation in some of the most niche business domains, our business and technical experts are constantly looking at ways to improve business performance as well as employee and user satisfaction for our customers. We innovate, we iterate, we try, we test, we fail, and we eventually succeed. Innovation for us is a long but omnipresent journey, and everybody within Stefanini enjoys walking it!”

Our client retention rate of 97% and average engagement tenure of 11.7 years are testament to the power of our innovative 360 approach and the digital transformation roadmaps we develop in collaboration with our clients.

Are you ready to unleash your company’s full potential? Get in touch to see how we can help co-create your end-to-end innovative transformation today.

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