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April Webinars: Looking Back With Our EMagazine

Beginning in April, we sought to be an educational asset to our clients by putting on a series of ongoing webinars. Learn more by downloading the eMagazine!


With coronavirus causing many events to shut down, beginning in April, we sought to be an educational asset to our clients when they began missing out on highly anticipated conferences and other occasions.  The result? Seven webinars spanning a range of topics meant to inform and encourage conversation and connection. And now, we’ve asked our speakers to pen an article about their topic, which we’ve collected in our eMagazine, “COVID-19: Facing a New Reality.”

Dealing with Coronavirus

COVID-19 has certainly brought about unprecedented changes. Today, we are still in the early stages of states opening back up. For many, masks are still a commonplace sight in public places, but back in April, face coverings were almost a foreign concept. While we’re used to having to make appointments to go stores, in April, this new reality was frustrating for many. Yet, these were restrictions we followed to collectively overcome the virus as a society.  Further, we saw how COVID-19 affected the way we do business. Offices closed and workers had to adjust to the new reality of working from home. Instead of conducting meetings face-to-face, people learned to use videoconferencing tools with which they were familiar pre-COVID, but now were entirely dependent upon. Though we’ve faced challenges and still have a long way to go, life has gone on.

Stefanini’s eMagazine

Our eMagazine features a range of topics that cover various aspects of business and education. Once coronavirus hit, it triggered a multitude of actions within the business world. The first thing that occurred was the fact that we had to understand how businesses would get through the pandemic. “Transforming Life as We Know It” by Carla Ferber and “Businesses Minimizing the Damage of COVID-19” by Spencer Gracias dive into this topic. As businesses situated themselves within this new landscape, at the same time, an enormous amount of data was generated across industries. Smart manufacturing is able to leverage the use of this data to better improve production, both during and post-crisis. “The Weakest Link” by Leonardo Vieira and “Data in Smart Manufacturing” by Sreyams Jain take a look at smart manufacturing through a focused lens.

And, we had to start somewhere to create new norms, which includes the new way we work.  Now, we find ourselves seeking to strike a balance between our home lives and employment, while also staying productive and doing our jobs to the best of our abilities. Both Anton Lutero and Eric Goupil cover this subject with their articles, “The New Normal: Working From Home” and “Staying Connected in the Social Distancing Era” Here, agile methodology is best used when it comes to managing virtual teams who are scattered across the country and even across the world. Both Nikhil Desai and Sujoy Sarkar talk about the importance of being agile in “Recalibrating a 100% Virtual Agile Model” and “Think Virtual and Agile.” But, this also calls for a greater need for cybersecurity as working, a subject that is covered in “It’s Time to Invest in Digital Security” by Marco Aurélio Peres.

And work isn’t the only area being affected by COVID-19 that can also benefit from the use of technology. Students across the world are now taking their studies online, with technology like AI gearing up to help them learn. Fabio Caversan explores this subject with “AI, Education, and COVID-19.”

Download the eMagazine

Did you not have a chance to attend any of our webinars in April? We invite you to download the eMagazine to learn more about the topics covered and see COVID-19 and the situations surrounding it through a new lens.

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