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Applying The Steps Of The Digital Transformation Journey: Check Out Our Infographic!

The digital transformation journey involves several steps that allows for the streamlining of manufacturing processes. View our infographic to get an idea! 

The digital transformation journey delivers results gradually through iterations with measurable outcomes. The journey is made up of five steps: the discovery journey, the digital roadmap, roadmap execution, the scale up phase, and finally, the feedback stage, which brings us to the business’ desired stage.

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Charting the Process

When talking about the discovery journey, it’s important to first understand the business’ current state. Then, both a short-term and long-term vision can be built around that current state, including putting into place the measurable objectives and understanding of how to get to that desired state. One of the most interesting aspects of the digital roadmap is the fact that it is something living that needs to be updated every cycle and in every direction. The benefits of working with a digital roadmap is the fact that it allows businesses to carefully measure each step they are taking, so if mistakes are made, the impacts of those mistakes won’t be as large as they could be because businesses will analyze these measurements along the way.

Executing the roadmap will help businesses decide significant factors like costs, necessary technologies, and other vendors needed. Analyzing the execution will also allow businesses to scale up more quickly and easily. Further, during the scale up phase, businesses can apply design thinking to validate their hypotheses. Finally, the digital transformation ends at the feedback phase, during which each cycle will provide more feedback to make future processes even easier to navigate. 

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Our Approach to Smart Manufacturing

Smart factories today require more than robots and automation. Disruptive technologies like IoT transformed manufacturing for the modern industrial revolution. Now smart manufactures must capitalize on their IoT data for process insight and prescriptive analytics.

At Stefanini, we’re on the forefront of these digital tools to ensure our clients are leveraging them for productivity and profitability. Chat with us today to get your factory on track to digitalization!

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