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5 Ways AI In Corporate Training Supports Today’s Workforce

Learning is no longer just about instruction; instead, it is about user experience. There is no better representation of this shift in mindset than the world of corporate training. A highly important part of the onboarding process, a healthy learning culture creates an engaged workforce focused on self-improvement and adaptation.

Yet, many organizations find themselves bogged down by legacy learning management systems (LMS) that were designed for a workforce from eras past. Generation Z workers, who are more likely to have digital skills, are predicted to triple by 2030, growing to a number of 51 million. Now, to better serve these digital natives, many organizations are redesigning their corporate training programs by deploying artificial intelligence (AI) technologies.

Let’s take a look at a few of the benefits provided by AI for learning and development.

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AI in Corporate Training

Traditional corporate training revolves around functional learning management systems. While LMSs are great for compliance and formal training, unfortunately, they lack the ability to facilitate ongoing learning experiences. With skills gaps widening, HR leaders have realized the need for corporate learning and development to mirror the changing skillsets of their workforce.

Here, AI can fill in the gaps that currently exist in corporate training programs, with 27 percent of HR leaders believing that AI in corporate training will positively impact learning and development.

Meanwhile, the global corporate training market has exceeded $300 billion, with learning platforms taking cues from consumer content platforms like Netflix. How so? Taking the place of legacy LMSs, modern-day learning experience platforms (LXPs) provide compliance and formal training for the digital, remote, and active workforce.

Similar to the way Netflix suggests content personalized to users’ preferences and delivers it via a simple and accessible interface, LXPs use experience API, AI, and machine learning to aggregate data and suggest personalized content. Further, these platforms can reskill employees to new roles by linking them to relevant learning content that is contextualized based on individual preferences, background, behavior, skills, and interests. With AI, personalized training is set to become the new norm in L&D.

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5 Benefits of AI in Corporate Learning

In an age where organizations are finding it increasingly challenging to upskill and reskill their workforce, AI-based programs offer an efficient way for companies to deliver effective corporate e-learning solutions. Some of these benefits include:

1.      Personalized learning journey – Today, the one-size-fits-all approach does not work when training the Millennial and Generation Z workforce. No matter their age, people have different learning needs and preferences.

With AI technology tracking individual performance, organizations can collect data based on their overall progress. They can then use this data to update employee learning curriculum and assign certain courses to learners according to their needs, bridging individual skills gaps, enhancing performance, and personalizing the overall journey.

2.      Continuous feedback and improvement – One of the core components of any learning and development journey involves assessment, feedback, and improvement. With AI automating the process of performance tracking and reporting, learners receive feedback on their progress near in real time.

In contrast with the often-times subjectivefeedback that can come from human trainers, LXPs provide data-driven feedback that guide learners by helping them understand their strong and weak areas.

3.      Content engagement – A thriving learning culture is one that utilizes high-impact course content. According to a LinkedIn report, 29 percent of L&D professionals spend the majority of their time building or finding learning programs and content. When it comes to the content itself, many L&D programs find that overburdening learners with too much training material can lead to content fatigue and employee disengagement.

Further, when learners are unsure of which courses would be best for them, they may lose interest and give up on the program altogether. AI-powered LMS platforms can provide your learners with personalized, relevant courses and intelligent content recommendations, which corrects these issues. When learners engage with content they’re looking for, they acquire critical skills and return for more, finding new and trending course options in the process.

4.      Clear data-driven insights – To make critical decisions and improve your L&D strategy, you need data. With automated reporting powered by AI, organizations will have a clear view of the learner’s journey and where improvements should be made. This includes content gaps, outdated content, and the accuracy of course tags and descriptions.

Much like the continuous learning enabled by LXPs, having access to granular learner progress data will help L&D leaders make the most informed decisions about their programs.

5.      Improved learner data – Glitches or other frustrating obstacles in a company’s learning management software can lead to a negative training experience. Fortunately, AI helps create a more seamless experience in both functional and practical ways. For instance, intelligent ranking features help learners easily find the content they want through enhanced search results.

These are presented in an optimal order based on the learner’s historical choices and continuously adjust based on data collected from all learners’ behaviors.

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Build AI Solutions for Your Corporate Learning Programs

It’s clear that AI can facilitate the personalization that most corporate learning programs require today. Yet, if your business is just getting started on this journey, it can be overwhelming knowing where to start.

Stefanini has been developing AI solutions for more than 20 years with our SAI suite. With capabilities in intelligent automation, machine learning, and more, we have the right tools and people in place to help you meet your AI-enhanced L&D goals.

Ready to consult with a Stefanini expert? We have you covered. Click here to connect with a partner that can guide you through your next AI project!

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