Using cross-functional teams, Stefanini was able to automate operational processes for a client, reducing the time needed to perform certain tasks by 11%.

Stefanini leveraged our Agile Application Services to assist our client in automating its Deposit Confirmation and Check Deposit processes, saving time and cutting costs for the retail giant.

The Beginning of Our Journey

When it comes to managing complex projects, our client was still employing a rigid, top-down method. While this approach to project management had worked for the internationally known retailer in the past, when it came to tackling new automation projects, the client was running into the following issues:

  • Spending too much time defining automation requirements
  • A lack of documentation
  • Not meeting the right time-to-market for certain product releases
  • A complex development process that impacted the release timeline

By moving from the waterfall model of project management to an Agile approach, Stefanini was able to create self-governing, cross-functional teams within the client that were empowered to make decisions rapidly while breaking through information silos.

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Applying Scrum to Our Client 

Agile Development – 31,000 Project Hours; 15,000 Hours Per Year in Agile Methodology

Processes like Deposit Confirmation are critical for the client’s operational efficiency. Our Agile Application Services helped it overcome its challenges by adopting Agile practices that helped scale and drive collaboration in a dynamic, complex environment, as well as rapidly develop applications and product features while clearing the client’s backlogs. 

Techniques, Tools, and More

Agile Techniques

Scrum, Estimate Points by Function, CMMI, Use Cases, Technical Designs, BD Modeling, Test Cases, Kanban, Planning Poker, Brain Storming, JIT, Mockups & DevOps

Tools Used

Mantis, Rational Software Architect, HP Application Lifecycle Management, SharePoint, JIRA, TFS, Leankit, Slack, Objective C , Swift 3 Xcode, Java, C, 4GL, Unix, Spring, Angular, Informix, .Net, Android, iOS, Ionic, Tableau & Datastage


ARCORE from Google IDE Android Studio version 2.3.3

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Another Successful Case

We automated the client’s Deposit Confirmation process, increasing the sales of a brand owned by the client. At the same time, our methods automated the Check Management Process and again, reduced costs by cutting the time needed to perform certain tasks. For instance, by automating a process that took an entire 8-hour workday, we reduced that process to 51 minutes or by 11%.  

  • Agile Tools: Continuous Integration (TFS, GIT HUB),
  • Continuous Collaboration (JIRA, daily MEETINGS),
  • Continuous Testing (MAVEN, JENKINS, SELENIUM),
  • Continuous Planning (ROAD MAPS, FUNCTIONAL POINTS, JIRA),
  • Continuous Monitoring (JIRA, EARN VALUEANALYSIS),
  • Continuous Feedback (REVIEW MEETINGS)
  • 20k FP Financial Application (Operative Treasury, Deposit Confirmation, Checks, Foreign Exchange)


  • Agile Tools: Continuous Integration (tfs, git hub),
  • Continuous Collaboration (jira, daily meetings),
  • Continuous Testing (maven, jenkins, selenium),
  • Continuous Planning (roadmaps, functional points, jira)
  • Continuous Monitoring (jira, earn value analysis)
  • Continuous Feedback (review meetings)

Awards and Accolades

  • Stefanini received the “Innovation + Automation = Greater Agility” award for the Deposit Confirmation System
  • Stefanini was awarded as a mature Agile Partner; 2nd ranking after Microsoft
  • Stefanini was honored in the Global Executive Summary as one of the 3 Best Agile Products Delivered

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Agile Teams with Stefanini

Stefanini offers the processes and tools to drive agile in multi-vendor, multidisciplinary settings through a globally distributed model. Our agile teams are built with business value in mind, and organized around desired results and value flows. We implement DevOps tools to ensure greater speed of execution in fast-paced agile iterations.

Further, our LATAM Digital Hub is the best of both worlds, giving you access to competent nearshore talent and employees who thrive in multi-disciplinary roles that break down silos.

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