Stefanini and Integron Partnership Delivers IoT Solutions to the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Industries 

Stefanini is providing eHealth outsourcing solutions to the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries through a new partnership with Integron, a leading provider of managed services for the Internet of Things (IoT) industry.

The two companies are working with life sciences companies to increase the success of clinical trials by providing end-to-end outsourced delivery services. The partnership brings together expertise in all phases of delivery, combining Integron’s proven managed IoT services – which include connectivity, security, and device management – with Stefanini’s experience in IT outsourcing, application development, solution deployment, and systems integration.

Integron and Stefanini’s combined outsourced services allow Contract Research Organizations (CROs) and pharma companies to focus on their key elements of healthcare delivery, while allowing the complexities of technology, IT, and networking to be managed separately. The partnership also offers enterprise customers cost containment, improved security, and improved efficiency of the clinical trial process. 

Integron’s managed wireless connectivity and device management services ensure security and privacy through IoT private networks. It also provides the cost containment associated with managing global wireless rate plans, as well as all aspects of IoT device management, including delivery logistics, policy management, and device replacement services. Stefanini’s proven track record of global IT outsourcing ensures overall program delivery and management.

“We are excited to be partnering with Stefanini to offer a complete solution for enterprise Pharma / CRO organizations,” said Bryan Lubel, President of Integron.  “Our combined capabilities provide a complete spectrum of services for the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry, addressing several of the hidden complexities that are common in connected health solutions.”

The partnership taps into the huge potential for IoT solutions in the healthcare industry.  For clinical trials, solutions have become more complex due to increased importance on security, geographical spread, and management of patient data, as well as increasing demands to make the clinical trial process more efficient and productive while reducing costs. CROs are adopting technology and IoT-enabled devices to improve service offerings. However, as IoT adoption in the healthcare industry increases, so do the challenges. Complexities ranging from data security and privacy to connectivity, interoperability, and systems integration are critical to successful IoT adoption.

“Increasing efficiency and reducing the costs of m-Health initiatives are important for our customers,” said Denis Reynders, Global Business Unit Leader at Stefanini Life Sciences Services.  “Our specialized outsourcing services for the healthcare industry, combined with Integron’s managed IoT services allow us to offer a unique end-to-end solution for pharma companies, technology vendors, medical device companies and CROs, addressing the hidden bottlenecks of IoT and technology in this increasingly connected m-health world.  The joint solution we offer through this partnership gives our customers a much better economic model for conducting their connected ventures.”

Stefanini and Integron are jointly showcasing their combined offering at DIA EuroMeeting 2017 in Glasgow, UK

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