Winning The Fight Against Financial Fraud With AI - Stefanini Winning The Fight Against Financial Fraud With AI - Stefanini

Winning The Fight Against Financial Fraud With AI


As one of the largest investment banks in Latin America, the client is a distinguished player in the global financial landscape. Renowned for its expertise in investment banking, asset management, and wealth management, the company stands out for its innovative and client-centric approach.

Banks and financial institutions face a constant uphill battle in detecting and preventing fraud. The evolving nature of criminal tactics, the rapid expansion of digital services, and the sheer volume of transactions create significant hurdles that can be tricky to overcome. Looking to create a more convenient and secure digital onboarding strategy to grow its client base, the client organization was seeking a partner to establish a robust and intelligent fraud prevention strategy to mitigate customer acquisition risks, protecting both the institution and the national financial system at large.


TOPAZ, a subsidiary of Stefanini Group, is one of the largest technology companies focused on financial solutions in Latin America. TOPAZ’s market-leading solution helps financial institutions, and their users, prevent electronic fraud innovatively and efficiently across digital services, transactional channels, and e-commerce. Distributed through the cloud, the challenges often created by system integration and configuration are eliminated, allowing clients to easily monitor more than 1,200 user variables to identify and prevent financial fraud.


  • Infrastructure costs reduced across servers, data centers, and IT operations
  • Fraud and money laundering prevented, mitigating financial losses and contributing to the fight against organized crime.
  • Reduction of false positives, enabling transactions that were previously blocked due to suspected fraudulent activity

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