AI at the Forefront of Mobile Customer Relationships - Applied AI Case Study AI at the Forefront of Mobile Customer Relationships - Applied AI Case Study

AI at the Forefront of Mobile Customer Relationships


A leading company in the telecommunications market, with more than 15 years in Brazil, formed through the acquisition and merger of several companies. With 67 million customers, it offers mobile telephone services in 3,560 municipalities with GSM, 3G and 4G technologies. In addition, it maintains roaming agreements in 160 countries for voice and 140 for data traffic, covering five continents.

In highly competitive markets, profitable growth is very challenging. When acquiring and retaining customers is expensive, customer lifetime value (LTV) becomes essential. To cultivate long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with consumers, it is necessary to evaluate current and future profitability, using a combination of marketing strategies. Previously, the client ran costly manual marketing campaigns, lacking the use of real-time data. The lack of precision in these campaigns was generating dissatisfaction and aversion towards the brand.


To create and maintain long-lasting relationships with customers, Stefanini developed an artificial intelligence-based platform that manages and orchestrates personalized marketing campaigns and trajectories. The solution assists with customer acquisition, profitability, loyalty and retention, using artificial intelligence resources such as dynamic prices, personalized rewards and discounts, gamification, cross-selling and up-selling, raffles, coupons, and cashback.


  • 6.7% increase in revenue and retention (vs. 3 to 7% McKinsey benchmark on CVM application)
  • 4.6% increase in customer acquisition and retention (vs. 1 to 3% McKinsey benchmark on CVM application)
  • 12% increase in customer satisfaction and engagement (vs. McKinsey's 5 to 10% benchmark in the CVM application)
  • 37% gain in efficiency and time-to-market due to cost reduction in marketing and cannibalization of campaigns

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