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What Is Staff Augmentation Process Flow?

What is Staff Augmentation Process Flow?

Staff augmentation is a means to employ qualified individuals on a contract rather than permanently. Simply put, you’re bringing in highly skilled individuals from a staffing firm to provide you with an advantage to meet your project’s goals. Staff augmentation allows companies to expand their workforce without additional costs. Throughout the life of your project, technical or non-technical personnel operate alongside your internal team; even working remotely.

The staff augmentation model is a fantastic alternative for IT organizations looking to cut expenses while increasing production and efficiency. However, it’s critical to first understand what this model entails, and its applications and benefits to an augmented team before implementing it.

Why is it Essential for your Business?

Staff augmentation enables you to create a flexible workforce that is easy to scale up or down based on workload and current opportunities. For example, if you’re experiencing a seasonal spike in sales, or a sudden need to fill positions created by turnover, temporary workers and contractors can help you meet the demands of your business, without the expense of hiring full-time employees.

Benefits of Staff Augmentation


While recruiting new full-time staff for a specific project is an option, it requires more money and company resources to onboard and train the person- and you may not need the additional personnel when the project is completed. Staff augmentation enables your company to temporarily add professionals to its team, while avoiding costs associated with employee benefits and compensation. You also have the flexibility of recruiting on a project-by-project basis.

Specialized Skill-Set

Staff augmentation provides you with the opportunity to precisely fill talent gaps in your internal workforce. This strategy allows an organization to identify areas of expertise or talent that their internal team lacks and then recruit the best temporary workers for a project. Recruiters can focus on finding specialists who excel at a limited set of skills, such as tradespeople, or people from specific institutions, universities, and background. This narrows your pool of potential candidates, and can make it easier to fill positions.

Quicker Resolution

Most organizations’ workloads are a part of today’s ever-changing, fast-paced, professional environment, and this poses a problem- how do you quickly find additional employees to complete projects at a fast enough pace, with a high enough quality? Staff augmentation is the most efficient solution to this problem. It enables you to take on additional work without immediately hiring more people or lowering the quality of the work produced. Onboarding new full-time staff uses time and resources that staff augmentation simply doesn’t require. Overall, hiring individuals using staff augmentation methodology is quicker and requires less resources than traditional recruitment or full-time employment.

Did you know that automation can onboard employees for you? If you want to further increase efficiency, check out these other ideas.

Control Over Projects

One of the most significant drawbacks of complete outsourcing is the lack of easy access to individual employees. While staff augmentation is a form of outsourcing, unlike traditional outsourcing, it allows organizations and businesses to have control over their temporary employees, and the work they produce. With staff augmentation, you can maintain the fidelity, confidentiality, and quality of your projects while still having real-time access to your employees, as they most likely will be working right alongside your full-time staff.

New Perspectives

Internal teams sometimes develop collective “tunnel vision”, or a single minded, long-term focus that can result in easily overlooked mistakes. The temporary personnel you obtain through the staff augmentation approach will act as a pair of “fresh eyes”- a new, outside perspective to catch some of these small mistakes, or even company prejudices reflected in the work. A new perspective can also suggest improvements that otherwise might not have been considered- improving diversity of thought and enriching your work overall.

Diversity can help prevent easily overlooked mistakes, but it’s important in other ways as well. Learn more here.

How Does the Staff Augmentation Process Work?

Staff augmentation is a powerful tool in your company’s toolbox. However, many businesses are still unsure of where to begin.

The Recruitment Process in Staff Augmentation

A good first step is to determine what experience and talents you require to operate your business or work on a project. Furthermore, you must decide how many people you require to complete the work you need done.

Once you clarify these needs, your recruitment partner should be able to identify specialists who complement your business. Recruiting firms will immediately search their extensive databases for tech experts who can finish your job. After you’ve completed the screening process, they’ll schedule interviews with the prospective candidates who have been chosen. It may be a good idea to start employment with a trial period, or a test project to evaluate performance. If all goes well, you’ll have professionals ready to finish the tasks at hand.

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To ensure you garner attention for your open opportunities, advertisement is key. Use a strategy like posting these job openings on a site such as LinkedIn, Indeed, or other networks. Make sure you include a good description of the skills you are searching for, and the details and requirements of the project.

Once you start receiving resumes, evaluation of each candidate is the next step of this procedure. This evaluation uses a checklist to grade the candidate, and see if they meet a set of basic requirements. If they do, it can then determine whether they should progress to the next phase.

After deciding that a candidate is a potential fit for the job, the next step is to set up an interview with HR to learn more about them, and possibly administer some tests to gain a better understanding of them personally and professionally. The results of the personality and motivations tests are evaluated by a collection of questions used to assess candidates for various jobs within the company.

IT Staff Augmentation

Consider this example: undertaking an app development project, but no one on your in-house team has the necessary development language skills to modify the software’s platform. This is where IT staff augmentation services comes in with their highly-skilled experts who have the essential knowledge to complete this project. You consider hiring one or two developers for this venture, which would allow you to quickly and easily accelerate the development of your application.

To review: here are some of the most critical factors to consider when selecting a resource from a Staff augmentation partner.

  • The clients want to expand their in-house team by adding a developer or a team to supplement their existing resources.
  • Plan a follow-up conversation to go through the details.
  • Select the most qualified specialists with the required skill set.
  • Following the customer’s approval of the CVs, the selected professionals must pass a technical interview to demonstrate their abilities. (Usually, interviews are performed in two steps: first with the CTO, then with the CEO or product managers.)


Staff augmentation is an essential resource for IT companies looking to increase productivity without investing a lot of money. In addition, this strategy is an excellent approach for organizations to keep up with IT industry advances by allowing them to hire highly competent individuals in their fields. This method has become an excellent option for firms trying to extend their global talent pool, build their teams, minimize costs, and manage resources for critical projects in today’s fast-paced and ever-changing technology environment.

Staff augmentation works similarly to any outsourcing structure; however, the context is different because you hire an expanded team. Again, however, each outsourcing agency has its own set of protocols that must be considered on a case to case basis to determine if this form of outsourcing is a good fit for your company.

Author Bio: Claire Mark is a writer who shares her skills and expertise through reader-friendly writings. She is an aspiring entrepreneur and an industry specialist in STAMOD solutions. Claire writes a well-researched, data-driven, in-depth blog on specialized themes that works well with niche websites.

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