Delivering For Clients, Travelling the Globe and Constantly Learning – The Experience of Stefanini’s Local Operations Team - Stefanini

Delivering For Clients, Travelling The Globe And Constantly Learning – The Experience Of Stefanini’s Local Operations Team

From Amsterdam in the Netherlands, to Koropi in Greece, and all the way to Laakdal in Belgium, or Lyon in France, our colleagues in our Local Operations team are successfully delivering results for our partners every day.

This often involves ensuring business continuity by solving requests or technical incidents our clients could potentially face on a daily basis.

Members of our Local Operations team – which is present in campus locations, manufacturing plants, and corporate offices, as well as small company and home offices – are supported in their work by our tools and services that drive their ability to predict and prevent issues and initiate automated solutions.

Thanks to consistent growth over the last 5 years, this department has more than doubled in size and now proudly boasts in excess of 450 skilled employees across the EMEA region. Our extensive, flexible range of service catalogue items has attracted clients from all industries and earned us the reputation of a reliable and innovative business partner.

We wanted to celebrate the achievements of our colleagues in this division and have asked them to share their experiences of working at Stefanini:

Barry Goldsworthy (UK)
“In my 10 years with Stefanini, I’ve been fortunate to travel the world. I’ve been all over Europe, both coasts of the US, and even as far as Sydney and Hong Kong. I’ve met and worked with some amazing people all over the globe, and made so many connections with fantastic professionals. I’m proud of what I’ve achieved here, the progression, the value I add, and the interactions with clients every day. All of this has culminated in the company seeing value in me, and encouraging my development. As a result, I’ve progressed from Senior Deskside Engineer to Senior Team Lead, Service Delivery Manager, Global Service Delivery Manager, EMEA Technical Support Delivery Manager, and am currently Field & Onsite Services Practice Lead.”

Constantin Andrei (Netherlands)
“I joined Stefanini almost 15 years ago and ever since it’s been an exciting journey. During this time, I’ve been exposed to various cultures, whether that’s through meeting and interacting with people all over the globe, or as a result of being able to work and live in various European countries. I have also been involved in IT support at various levels and stages, being part of all steps of launching both Level 1 as well as Level 2 support projects. I’ve learned some valuable lessons as a result of transitioning from providing service desk support to long-term support, where the interaction with the customer is completely different. The customer is no longer just a voice on the phone but instead someone you interact with closely on a daily basis, working next to them in their offices and facing the same issues as them.”

Christopher Weeks (UK)
“My journey with Stefanini started back in September 2006. Working within Stefanini has given me a lot of freedom in how to do my job and a lot of chances to travel, which of course means meeting all sorts of new people. I have just joined the Field Team after finishing an assignment in another company and this promises to provide lots of scope for more challenges.

While my Stefanini experience has involved a series of different client contracts with different staffing, I’ve found that there is a concerted effort to show each employee that they are part of a far wider team. If I were joining Stefanini today, this is what I would be most attracted to.

Our service is really all about people, so the quality of our people directly lines up with the quality of our service. As individuals, we all like to feel empowered and I try to help each team member feel able to deliver in the best way they can.”

Can you relate to our employees’ stories? Could you envision a similar professional journey for yourself? Does being close to the end-customer, enhancing your technical knowledge and travelling the globe fit with your goals? If so, you could be the next success story in our Local Operations team!

Explore our opportunities HERE. You can identify local vacancies by selecting the desired country, including: Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, and the UK.

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